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Heel Bruise Bruisers Promo Video

Heel Bruise just released a super sick little promo video staring Victor Mendoza, Yavor Ski, & Billy Davenport. Active pal Richard Mulder give us a little background story about how it came about which you can read here.

Stay tuned for the new Heel Bruise line to hit our shelves in the next couple weeks!

Check out our Heel Bruise Brand Spotlight here!

The Real Video ‘Since Day One’ Pre-Order

The Real Video is coming out in early April, and we’ll be pre-ordering 30 copies of the video.  If you don’t already know, The Real Video features full parts from some of skateboardings best like Busenitz, Ramondetta, Chima, Brock, Schaaf, Torres, and more.  This video even has two ridiculous vert parts. You NEVER see anything like this anymore. So, do yourself a favor and pick this up. Plus, 2 lucky pre-orders will win 2 free REAL decks signed by Peter Ramondetta and Dennis Busenitz!!

Click on the image below to Pre-Order your copy today!



All Pre-Orders will also receive a coupon for $5.00 off your next purchase of any ‘Since Day One’ REAL  Skateboard deck!


Emerica Stay Gold Review

The Emerica Stay Gold Video is nothing short of amazing. In case you don’t already know, the video features Jerry Hsu, Leo Romero, Heath Kirchart, Andrew Reynolds, Braydon Szafranski, Brandon Westgate, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, Jamie Tancoqny, Aaron Suski, and Active riders Justin Figueroa and Collin Provost. Every part in this video is sick, but Leo Romero’s and Andrew Reynolds’ parts are way beyond that. The DVD also comes with over 45 minutes of bonus footage and includes insight into Ed Templeton’s photography over the past 15 years, and a piece on Andrew Reynolds’ Stay Gold part. This video is by far the video of the year, and one that you must see! Also included are hidden Heath Kirtchart and The Barrier Kult sections!


To shop all Emerica, Click below


Jim’s Ramp Jam

This what contests are all about…

Classic footage of Wade Speyer, Max Schaff, Tim Brauch, John Cardiel, Phil Shao, Chet Thomas, Chet Childress and Kris Markovich ripping!!! If I remember correctly…I’m pretty sure the trophy was a gold 40 oz. Ha!

If you dig this, checkout the Texas deathmatch

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Rare Gonz Video

It has been a quite week so far here at Active. So, I thought I’d liven things up a bit and re-post this video brought to you by our friends over at Skateboarder magazine. I can watch the Gonz cruise for days!

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Ohh yeah… and get it strait ride Krooked will ya?


Ethan Fowler’s part in Art Bars

I’ve always been a fan of Ethan Fowler and Foundation.  This is just a great part, with great songs, in a great video… so I though I’d post it up.

I mean, I got nothing else to do… I’m only at work…

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Creature’s Newest Unearthly Video…Hesh Law!

Halloween is everyday for the Creature team!!! These guys are seriously sick.  Sick in the head…and sick on a skateboard!!! They R.I.P everything from ditches to rails to parks to vert to red curbs.  You need to check this video out… otherwise these guys will come for your soul!

creature hesh law

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