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This is our Snow column.

Ashbury Industry Profile

You know when you order something online or buy something from your local skate shop and you can just imagine how that product got there… Some giant corporation with hired temps for employees, people who know nothing about skating or snowboarding mindlessly putting out bad product…

That’s NOT Ashbury.

Nima and crew pull the orders, create the ads, pick the team, design the shades, update the website, etc, etc,… You get my point.

Shop Ashbury here:


Paint it Red – 2009-2010 Season Video By Bear Mtn [Full Movie]

Missed Hot Dawgz & Handrails? Not to worry, Bear Mountain still is providing us with work/school procrastination material by releasing for free their Paint it Red movie.

“The 26 minute feature, which showcases the talents of Chris Bradshaw, Keegan Valaika, Joey Sexton, Scott Stevens, Scott Vine, Zak Hale, Dylan Alito, Johnny Paxson, Chris Grenier, JP Walker, Desiree Melancon, Ryan Paul and others, was shot entirely in and around Big Bear Mountain Resort during the 2009-2010 season.”

Below is the full movie. Hopefully this reminds you of that the season is almost upon us. Luckily, Active is receiving shipments of new snow products daily so be sure to check it out.

7th Annual Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails at Bear Mtn

Bear Mountain Resort is holding their 7th annual Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails snowboarding event on September 19th. Day festivities include a pro Contest on REAL snow, music, 2 movie premiers, and of course plenty of hot dogs. Also if you haven’t bought your season pass yet, Bear is offering special one day rollback pricing at the event. If you got your itch for winter, be sure to check it out.


2 Videos With Active’s Matt Hammer

Matt Hammer and the Signal crew whipped up a couple edits for your viewing pleasure. Maybe that helmet cam footage will give you the the boosted confidence to try some new moves this weekend. Check out our site for a Big Snow Sale if you are missing any gear.

Adobe Flash is required to view video content.
Adobe Flash is required to view video content.

Active’s Eero Ettala Takes Gold @ X Games

Eero Ettala Gold

Congrats to active pro Eero Ettala on winning gold at the Winter X Games in Slopestyle. We are all super happy for him and are stoked to see him get his first gold at the X Games. If you missed his run you can go to EXPN’s site and check out the videos section. After all those inverted double corks and switch back flips you should already have gotten a good view of his pro model nitro board; and after all this fresh snowfall a crispy new deck could be just the thing you need.

New Active Rider: Chris Bradshaw

Chris Bradshaw
Chris Bradshaw

Known for his tech but super smooth style. Chris Bradshaw is the newest addition to the Active Snow Team. His creativity  and style has be influencing riders for years. to prove that transworld announced he was the most searched rider on their site this year! I managed to catch up with Bradshaw and pulled out my Elph for a lap.

A Lap With Chris Bradshaw from Active Ride Shop on Vimeo.

Active’s Eero Ettala TV Show on Fuel

BC #2 Webisode highlights episode #4 of Tracking Eero on FUEL TV where the crew changes things up, with Eero out from the tree crash, we have the Viking God, Terje Haakonsen and freeride ripper, Jake Blauvelt rolling into BC to rip some powdery goodness. Additionally, you witness some all-time freeriding from this past season with the boys tearing up first descents, tight tree runs and more.

Sneak Peak – Kr3w Snow Jeans

After announcing their snow team, Kr3w did some R&D so their riders can keep their legs warm all season long. Out of that comes Kr3w’s Snow Jean, and now they are available to you all!  These pics show the two colorways (black & grey) and a detail on their inside lining. Get ’em before they’re gone!

Kr3w's Snow Jean will come in two colors: Black & Grey
Kr3w's Snow Jean will come in two colors: Black & Grey
Detail of the inside lining
Detail of the inside lining
Full View of the Jean Showing the Lining
Full View of the Jean Showing the Lining