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Icer Air Show

I just ended my 830 mile 10 day bike tour, the finish being San Francisco. Conveniently there were some events going on the day after I showed up.  Red Bull was putting on a soap box derby and Icer Air was having their annual snow contest. Unfortunately they were at the same time. I really wanted to see the derby, but a couple friends were attending the contest so I felt obligated to check Icer Air out.  It was being held in a different spot than the past couple years of inside the baseball stadium. It was next door in the parking lot. The snow contest was very interesting. The riders felt the same. It was a hip with a sling shot cable tow in, real dicey. They decided to split the prize money between everybody. Everybody already felt like a winner since they all received an appearance fee just for riding.  I wasn’t there as a photographer, but I had my little point n’ shoot camera and got a few shots.


Myself & Nick Visconti.


Chas Gouldemond.

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Ask Braydon and Win an Emerica Package!


Braydon Contest

Ask Braydon Szafranski your questions about Baker, growing up in Las Vegas, Green Room, the new Emerica Video and anything else you’d like to have answered and Braydon’s favorite question will win an Emerica package. Questions must be in no later than November 10th. Braydon’s video will be posted within two weeks of Nov 10th.

Jamie Thomas’ answers to your questions will be posted soon so keep checking back!

pedal people

We’re still pedaling our bikes down hwy 101.  We’ve made it 500 miles so far, crossed the OR/CA border, and stayed in Arcata last night.  This town is cool; a good mix of hippies and punk rockers.  Zac Marben would have totally fit in.  He was originally supposed to go on this trip with us, but bailed the last second.  He would have been a fun camping buddy, since he’s a gypsy type already. Pierre has been telling me about his new People film project with Justin Eels, Gabe L’heureux, & Cory Koniniec, and it’s going to be great.  They aren’t under the Mack Dawg umbrella any more and are going independent.  I’ll have more news on that real soon; big news for snowboard movie fans! I just got confirmation of getting credentials into the Icer Air contest in SF on the 18th.   I saw some photos from Andy Wright of last years contest, wild shit.  I bet the pre and after parties will be insane too.  Perfect timing for the end of my bicycle tour.Well, I’m off for some more biking.  Stay tuned for when I show the photos from this trip; some real jems I tell ya.  Adios! 

Tour de _______

I’ve only got a second here on this coffee shop free internet…

  Pierre Minhondo, Justin “boosty”, and I are day 4 into a bike (pedal) tour down the west coast.  We started in Astoria, OR (Washington border) and are going to San Francisco via hwy 101. 

More info to come soon, if my legs don’t give out or a car doesn’t hit me. 


what should I name this tour?

Snow Video Premier Parties

Here’s some photos from the past week’s snowboard movie premier parties. 20080919__072.jpg TWS “These Days”, Think Thank “Stack Footy”, MDP People “Down with People”, viewers.20080917__022.jpg I had a fan, they requested an autograph.  They probably thought I was somebody else though.20080918__042.jpg Lauri Heskari was bet to take up all the table’s drinks in 5 min for a hand full of cash… he did.  Aaron Biittner had the count down.  DC popped into town for a second.  Devun Walsh was there too.20080918__048.jpg Aye Aye!20080917__026.jpg Parking lot pre party shot gun session.20080917__028.jpgGo!20080918__058.jpgJared Johnson converts diesel trucks to run off vegetable oil, and girls like that.20080919__062.jpg Eric Messier from The Fizz.  What do you eat late night, filet mignon?20080919__069.jpg I’m full paparazzo style these days.20081003__125.jpg Nor Cal super rep Eric Wallis and Airblaster’s Travis Parker.  Eric had a barf bucket.   20081003__129.jpgUp and coming snowboard superstar Brandon Cocard and myself all scruffed.  He hated me until a couple days ago, now we’re homies.   Watch him the new Airblaster movie “August”, he’s legit.20081003__127.jpg Nick Visconti and Stephen Duke.  Nicky may have flamboyant style and get freaky on guys on the dance floor, but he’s into chicks and they’re into him.  Duke’s a party animal.20080918__055.jpg This guy had a real edgy haircut.  More to come soon…

hi, howdy, hey, hiya, ciao, aloha, wassup


Hello.  My name is Robbie Sell.   I’m the “new guy” behind Active’s SNOW blog. Yeah, they went out and got ME…  You know why???  Because I’m not afraid to talk about what you want to hear!  and because I also have access to get you all the newest news on the hottest product, coolest riders, best events, celebrity relationships, shitty gossip, wildest parties, radical trends, new spots, et cetera, et cetera.

That’s why you read blogs right?  Basically I’ll have entertaining and informative content updated all the time.  So go ahead and make a bookmark on this page… “apple(control) D” or something like that, so you can come back again and again, and again.

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EE Answers YOUR Deathwish Questions

You asked for it, you got it. Last week we went down to Deathwish Headquarters an brought a list of questions YOU wanted Erik Ellington to answer. Did your question make the cut?

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Last Chance to Win Scuba Steve’s Camera

Scuba Banner

That’s right, after nearly 3 months and somewhere around 800 entries, today is the final day to enter into the “Win Scuba Steve’s Camera Contest.” There have been some awesome entries so far, and in the last few days we’ve recieved a ton more. We have our work cut out for us in the next few days to narrow the pack down for Scuba to sift through. If you haven’t enterd yet, get out there and film something in a hurry, if you have, sit back relax and watch some of the other entries. Stay tuned to Active News for updates, the winner will be announced soon!

What are your favorites so far?

In case you forgot, here is where to enter the contest: Win Scuba Steve’s Camera Contest.