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Blast from the past.

I’ve been reorganizing my photo archives and came across these photos that have never been seen outside of my computer. It’s been fun remembering these moments.

Here are 3 photos from december of 2005, while I was filming my video part for the first MDP-People film “People”. I was in Minnesota along with Mitch Neslon, Ryan Thompson, Curtis Woodman, and Darrel Mathes. We had full pro photographers there at the time, being Andy Wright and Rob Mathis. After I got my shot at these spots, I took out my camera and went on the other side of the lens. I never submitted these photos anywhere, so here’s their first look into the public.


I sessioned this ledge first, getting a lipslide to fakie on it. Then Mitch Nelson got a backside tailpress on it.


This kinked rail is right across the field from the ledge. Ryan Thompson got his shot right before sundown.


This rail has since been hit by JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, and others. But first person to step up was Curtis Woodman!

Hanging with the People people.

  Last february I got invited to join the MDP-People crew over in Tahoe.  It was with Brian Fox, Stephen Duke, Louie Fountain, and Josh Mills (funny the crew was  all Active team riders).  Here’s a few photos from the weekend with my homeys.   


Louie & Brian.     


Louie, method, gap.     


Josh Mills.      


Josh Mills, backside 5.     


Beef ox.     


Brian, dicey branch gap ollie.    


Stephen Duke had some sled problems.      


Duke with a perfect method tweak.     


Brian found this tranny finder gap, did a fs 180 and luckily did it perfect first try, because that landing was a stump with just a little snow on it.  No repeats could have been done.     


Mills, back 5 from another point of view.       


Louie’s helmet says it all.     

Top to bottom at Boreal Mountain.

   Tahoe is still off to a mellow start in it’s winter, but Boreal wants you to feel otherwise.  They opened their main chairlift to the top of the mountain, so my homey’s and I went up to escape the Reno heat… which must have followed us because the falling snow was warmed into a cloudy mist.

Our goggles were beaded up with water, but not bad enough to get our clothes really wet.   It actually was really fun.  It’s those kind of conditions that remind you that you’re snowboarding, and not skating on the snow; even though the features where video game perfect.

The park was packed; people were already imitating their favorite pros video parts.  Even a few local pros were reenacting their own video segments.  Stephen Duke, Andrew Brewer, Nick Visconti, Danny Davis, Jason Kell, John Foy and others were putting on a show.  I put my compact camera in my pocket, hit the slopes, and got some photos for you.

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Retro Neoproto photo and(o) Minhondo vimeo

  Pierre Minhondo didn’t just pop up in the snowboard movie scene without paying his dues. Before making the latest People film “Down With People” along with Justin Eeles, they made the Neoproto series, and prior to that Pierre made “Mixed Elements” under the Leviathon Project name.     

Santa Cruz ams Stephen Duke, Curtis Woodman, and myself all lived together at the time. I had just come off filming for the Standard films project “Blacklight”, and thought I was the cool shit so I was filming for a few movies: “Declaration”, T9’s “Gen Pop”, 411, and also put some time into Pierre’s movie. In hindsight I should have scrapped all those other videos and focused just on my “Mixed Elements” part, but whatevers… After this video dropped (2002) people were so down for it, Neoproto was formed the next year and the rest is history.  Editing this movie was really fun. I sat in and was a guest editor along with True Love, and all the little things made this movie great. Check out the montage section and see if you can recognize the now famous snowboard pros.  

Mixed Elements from NEOPROTO on Vimeo.

  The next year we had the best snowboard flop house. Here’s an old photo from then; Jacqui Berg, Chris Hotel, & Lexi Waite. 


Dirty fingers need not apply

  My favorite germaphobe and Active team rider Ryan Thompson (not the NY Yankee’s outfielder) just today got a shot on


Ryan is an amazing and unique person.  My first impression of him was nothing but interesting. I met him while he was living in SLC, UT with Technine team manager/filmer Cole Taylor.  I knew Cole already, and he’s intimidating sometimes… kinda gangster. At the time I too was sponsored by T9 and filming for their FODT film; and prior to meeting Ryan I assumed that he was a some fresh white kid trying to act all tough, while ironically living in the middle of Utah…  but was happily surprised by Ryan’s normal demeanor. He’s almost too normal. He once had a sponsor tell him he needed an image!  

DISCLAIMER. To everyone in SLC who may take offense to that: -I am not talking poop. I am simply making a statement about the style in Utah. I could have just as easily commented about the “rocker/hesh/hipster” scene there. …but I’ll save that for when I write about Ryan’s fellow Active teammate Josh Mills. haha, just kiddin bud!  

 To get to know him better, go ahead and google his name like the majority of his fans do. Or here, say hi to him if you are familiar to 

Now go here and look at photo #6 to see my photo of him: you noticed a change, I had to edit it. I was drinking too much wine when I first wrote it.)

Pizza and Pancakes?

mike mo pizza and pancakes


Active Pro Mike-Mo Capaldi loves Pizza and Pancakes. Weird combo? Yes. Weirder contest? You bet!

Active and Girl want you to step out of your comfort zone and create a video having to do with Pizza and Pancakes. We don’t care what you do, or how you do it, but whoever submits the one Mike Mo likes the best will win a year’s supply of Girl decks. I’ll say it again, a year’s supply of Girl decks. Do I have your attention now? Good.

The rules are pretty loose on this one, so go nuts. I don’t want to spoil any ideas people have out there, but here are some quick thoughts I’ve got to get your imagination going: Film a Pizza Pancakes eating contest, Pizza Pancakes art creation (syrup & sauce paintings?) Civil war battle enactment with soldiers made of dough, (think peperoni battle wounds and syrup blood) I’m not going to give any more free ideas away. Get going! Contest ends January 1st 2009!


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Mark this date on your calendar:  11/22/2008 8:00PM (sat.)
And Mapquest™ this address:  541 E. 4th st Reno, NV  -which is the new location of the Reno Bike Project.

Now, on that date, go to that location to see the new film from Leeward Cinema called “MY OWN TWO FEET”.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve seen some photos from their film trips and also have heard some crazy stories, which all are leading me to believe that this movie is amazing!   The whole idea of the film is great.  They went to a bunch of areas that you can’t access with a snowmobile, so that means you’re going to see all new spots that haven’t been played out by all the other films.  I bet they’ll even have a little documentary feel to show the fun and camping, I hope.

I try to be more environmentally friendly.  When ever I can, I ride my bike around town. Even though gas is a little cheaper, I still like to save some cash for my bar tabs.

Man, I can’t wait to see this film. I think the Reno Bike Project is a small place, so get there early.

SWF Bachelorette star seeks snowboarder.

    I just read on the internet that Jsak (Jesse Csincsak) got dumped from his Bachelorette TV show fiance (DeAnna Pappas) .  That’s too bad.  I hate getting dumped, especially by hot chicks.  She was probably wooed by his professional status when he was on the show, then found out he was barely a legit am.  Well, sounds like I need to dust off my old SC pro model and drop some knowledge on her.  …nah, syke.   

 If you care (I hope not) and are interested in following the story more closely, here’s your info  

Whitey produced music video

  Remember the Kingpin movies?  Or do you remember them as Whitey’s movies?  Some of the Active team used to film with him too; guys like Iikka Backstrom, Andreas Wiig, Scotty Wittlake, and others.  That guy Whitey moved on from making some of the best snowboard movies and is now doing straight hollywood stuff.  Here’s a rad video he made of Red Fang from Portland, OR.

Master of Muppets

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I love this.  Just wanted to share it with you.

MDP-People producer interview

I just saw this interview of Pierre Minhondo on the Snowboard Revolution website, and thought I would share.    Pierre is a good ol’ friend of mine.  I used to film with him and Justin Eeles for all the Neoproto films, and then the first People movie.  I also just did an 830 mile bike ride with him a couple weeks ago.     Check this link- 


This is totally not affiliated to this post, but I went to the Reno Gun Show a couple days and was overwhelmed with the great people watching there.  First off, Reno has some really diverse and interesting people, but the gun show really brings them out.   This kid’s father was even funnier, but I couldn’t get the shot (photography prohibited said the security).


By the way, I voted yesterday.  OBAMA!


Unless you’ve been in Colorado or Europe, you probably haven’t been or seen any real snowboarding recently.  To fill that void, Boreal just had their 4th annual JPI (Jibassic Pro Invitational).   For the public they even had a big ass patch of snow on the mountain with a few rails and even a jump.  Considering that lack of anywhere being open, they have the best riding anywhere on the west coast right now.

The contest was cool.  Something like 3000 people showed up for it.  The setup was pretty legit, street style and was a jam format. It looked fun.  Reno local am Andrew Brewer beat all the pros and took the cash. After that it was either the local Truckee after party (boring) or to Reno to see the Burton movie premier and a couple rock shows.  A few pros came out, Heikki Sorsa (ACTIVE PRO), Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis, Chris Demolski, Dave Downing, Stephen Duke (ACTIVE PRO), et cetera, et cetera.  “It’s always snowing somewhere” was a cool movie, but what was cooler was that the Supersuckers played after.  They rocked.  Also rocking was Hunks of Metal; a local rock band consisting of a few snowboarding legends, being Shawn Farmer, Bob Klein, Terry Kidwell, and other band mates who I don’t know if they ride.  My ears were bleeding by the time we went partying downtown.

Check the Transworld website to see my photo gallery of the night. Click this link- 

Heikki Sorsa

Heikki Sorsa with a friendly reminder, take note kids.

Stephen Duke

Stephen Duke parties harder than you, unless you’re a total junkie and are borderline dying every night… only then do you party harder.