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More Gnar… Less Hype!

Crail Camera Crew: A Group Photo Exhibition

Following after the PUSH premier, I remembered there was another event going on down the street at Paper Agency Gallery in Los Angeles. I looked on my instagram and there you have it, a Crailtap group photo exhibition with some, if not all, of my favorite photographers/documenters in skateboarding. Featuring: Aaron Meza, Andy Mueller, Ben Colen, Eric Anthony, Jerry Hsu, & Sam Smyth. Peep the flicks from the night.

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PUSH Premier Photos

Two nights in a row at the Ace Hotel Theater in Downtown L.A. This time for the Berric’s Push premier. It featured 8 parts: Luan Oliveira, Ben Raybourn, Josh Matthews, Cody Cepeda, Ishod Wair, Leticia Bufoni, Trevor Colden, & Aaron “Jaws” Homoki. Each skateboarder had an introduction short-film before an actual video part filmed in 6 months with different filmers. The result is this. Here are photos from the premier that night and be sure to watch the series on The Berrics.

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Snap The Gap presented by SUPRA Photos

Transworld SKATEboarding‘s “Snap The Gap” presented by SUPRA contest went down the other day in front of the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach. CA RampWorks built us an epic street gap replica for this best trick/long ollie throwdown. There was $2500 in cash to give out and the mayhem kicked off as soon as we opened the gates.
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Real’s Pizza Party Skate Jam / Kyle Walker’s Pro Surprise

We got a new Active Pro team rider in the ranks. What seemed like only a skate jam & pizza party turned out to be Kyle Walker‘s surprise pro party for Real Skateboards. They even got his parents to come way out from Oklahoma to surprise him in a gnarly lookin’ van with his pro model & pizza. Here are some photos from that epic day. Congrats Kyle!

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Seu Trinh Almost Retrospective

Last Saturday at Kingswell in Los Feliz, Almost Skateboards had their retrospective photo show featuring iconic photographs shot by Seu Trinh from the past 12 years with Almost. It was also a release party of a photo board series Seu did with Almost that came out recently. As if the free donuts and beer wasn’t enough: Rodney Mullen, Chris Haslam, Cooper Wilt, Justin Schulte, & Almost Alumni Torey Pudwill made an appearance. Past & Present always family in the Almost team. Lewis Marnell Forever

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Vans Pool Party 2015

This never gets old and the people are always getting younger, even the legends, they’re not that old… The Vans Pool Party this year was gnar as every year. Chris Miller wins Legends & Tom Schaar nailed the Mens Pro. I was burnt out the whole day and left early only to miss out on some of the historical moments that went down such as when Pedro Barros transferred over the never been done section of the Combi! ahhh… well, so here are some photos I took being present.

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Glen E. Friedman @ Pizzanista!

Glen E. Friedman, the man who has documented most of the iconic & classic photos that you might have reblogged on tumblr at this day & age. The era from the early rise of skateboarding, punk, & hip-hop culture. His book “My Rules” features many timeless photos from skateboarding legends ranging from, Tony Hawk to Duane Peters & as well as musical legends such as Minor Threat to Public Enemy. Here are some photos I took from meeting one of my favorite photographers at my favorite pizza place, Pizzanista!

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