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Bill Marks Talks LRG

We caught up with Billy Marks over at the LRG headquarters the other day and asked him a few questions… And just as I thought, he’s still the same old dirty Billy! Just a little better dressed 😉

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Dekline Brand Spotlight

Tod Swank has been secretly melting your minds and you’ve been unknowingly joining Tum Yetos secret society for years now… But it is not a  secret that Dekline shoes have been flying off the shelves over here at Active lately… I guess that’s what happens you make quality shoes with one thing in mind… Skateboarding.

Here, Chad Tim Tim talks a bit about Dekline shoes and why he only rides for company’s that are skater owned.

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Broadcast Wheel Co. Brand Spotlight

I don’t even know what to say to tell you how good these wheels are… Hmmm??

Oh- I know… I’ve been riding Spitfire’s for over 15 years now, that’s it. Nothing else. I never had a reason to switch. But then the skate buyer over here gave me a set of Broadcast wheels to try out and I was all, “…ehhh ok. I’ll give ’em a whirl.” And now… well… sorry Spitfire. : (

Broadcast wheels have everything you want (and don’t want) in a wheel. Fast, smooth, light, and no flatspots.

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Volcom Brand Spotlight

Volcom has been doin’ there thing for quite some time now. They have been industry leaders for over a decade and as you cruise around the stone’s headquarters in Costa Mesa, it’s very apparent.

We recently caught up with Remy and the crew to check out their place, hang at the Volcom house, see where they hide the tree ramp, and luckily… didn’t buy any steaks off some sketchy dude in a truck…

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Analog & Gravis Industry Profile

Arto Saari gave us a little tour of the Analog and Gravis headquarters in Irvine last week and this is what I learned… They’re riders 100% support those company’s and those company’s 100% support and listen to their riders.  It’s quality versus quantity with those guys.  And with dudes like Arto Saari, Dylan Rieder and Stefan Janoski (to name a few) having a hand in the company’s direction… it’s no wonder they’re putting out such great products.

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Ashbury Industry Profile

You know when you order something online or buy something from your local skate shop and you can just imagine how that product got there… Some giant corporation with hired temps for employees, people who know nothing about skating or snowboarding mindlessly putting out bad product…

That’s NOT Ashbury.

Nima and crew pull the orders, create the ads, pick the team, design the shades, update the website, etc, etc,… You get my point.

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Ambiguous Industry Profile

What do Sean Conover, James Brockman, Sid Melvin, Clint Walker, JT Aultz, Jimmy Carlin, and Corey Duffel all have in common?

Well… For one, they all rip. For two, they’re all style. And fo sho’ they ride for Ambiguous! A brand as colorful and eclectic as the team.

So click it and kick it tight…

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Emerica Industry Profile

You know when you’re at school…or a rock n roll show, and there’s always that one dude, or group of dudes, that are way cooler then everyone else? And for some reason they’re always one step ahead of you…

That’s the way I feel about Emerica. Those dudes know what’s up.

So with all the hype and attention around Emerica and Stay Gold right now, we thought we’d talk to Timothy Nickloff, Emerica’s Brand Manager, and find out what’s really goin’ on over there…

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Introducing Heel Bruise


Heel Bruise is a fairly new company lead by skateboarder Richard Mulder and artist Thomas Yu. Their clean designs are driven by intelligent graphics combined with classic skateboarding roots & overtones. You’ll often see them collaborating with such personalities as Lance Mountain, Poets, even Eric Dressen! Currently their line consists of t-shirts, hats & stickers (now available here at Active) but they will soon be doing sweatshirts, socks, jackets and more, so be on the look out…  Heel Bruise is Breaking Through!


Recently, Heel Bruise invited us down to their headquarters for some tasty bacon wrapped street dogs (Vic hooked it up!) and gave us a little Heel Bruise 101. Check out our Heel Bruise Industry Profile:

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A few of the Heel Bruise tees that are in stock now… so sick!!





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Girl Orientation Video

When we asked GIRL if we could do an “Industry Profile” on them, they said sure but we have something better for you guys… an orientation video. Just like the crappy ones you see in school, but only better. And with pros. And skateboards. And it’s about GIRL. And it’s funny.

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