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Jamie Thomas Answers Your Questions!

Six years ago, you all asked Jamie Thomas some questions about stuff he was doing at the time. Since then, he came out with some  epic parts such as Fallen‘s Road Less Traveled, Zero‘s Strange World, Cold War, and has recently been added to Active’s Pro Team!  You guys asked him some more questions this year. He sat down, read every single question and we bring to you Part 1 and 2 of Jamie’s Ask The Pro’s, filmed & edited by Cameron Holland and special thanks  to Lee Dupont for the archival footage!

In part two of Ask The Pros with Jamie Thomas, he gets a bit heavier with talking about quitting Toy Machine and starting Zero, chasing dreams, personal failure, and rolling forever.

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Terry Kennedy Ask The Pros BTS

Check out some behind the scenes of TK’s Ask The Pro’s segment from Fly Society! Shot at Active Long Beach, Terry also picked his favorite question from Blue Flame, “TK When U Out Doing Ur Stuff, Do U Ever “Feel” Black Mike Shining Down On You???” which was deeply answered in his Ask The Pro‘s video. Congrats Blue Flame! Stay tuned Friday for the Fly Society Park Crashers!

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Terry Kennedy Answers YOUR Questions!


Some of you may refer to TK as “Compton Ass Terry“, or even quoting for The Boss after he threw down that full cab down Wilshire 15 in Baker 3, “He put the the capital B in Boss!” . But do you really know the real Terry? Well here’s your chance to get in touch with Active Pro, Terry Kennedy! Leave a comment below asking your question before December 6th. Terry will pick his favorite question to get a prize pack from Fly Society!
***make sure you put in your correct email address so we can  hit you up when you win!

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Ask the Pros with Mikey Taylor

UPDATE: Thanks for submitting your questions! Mikey has answered your questions – Part 1 out of 2 HERE

I know you guys have seen DC Pro Mikey Taylor tear up the scene. He’s been killing it at DC Street League and I’m sure you have a ton of questions cooking up. Drop a few questions and he’s going to pick the best ones to answer. We’re going to post a great interview at the end of the month and have a DC prize package to give out to the person with the best question. So STAY TUNED and don’t forget…..ASK AWAY!

All questions must be submitted by July 27th!


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Ask The Pros with Leo Romero

Thanks for the questions! We will be filming the answers on Thursday April 7th… STAY TUNED!!

If you’ve seen the new Thrasher mag, then you probably read all the interesting questions all the Pro’s got to ask Leo Romero

Well, we figured you guys probably got some interesting questions of your own! So here’s your chance… ask Leo anything you want! His favorite question will win some cool RVCA clothing!

All questions must be submitted by March 31st.


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Marc Johnson Answers!

We caught up with Marc last week to answer your questions… Thanks to everyone that took the time to ask! And don’t forget, Marc’s favorite question also wins some cool Matix gear!

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Ask The Pros with Guy Mariano

7/12 UPDATE – Thanks everyone for you questions! Sorry for the delay… but Guy has been super busy lately. But rest assured, your questions are being answered real soon!

That’s right kiddos… we have GIRL‘s very own Guy Mariano in the hot seat this month!! Guy has been around for quite a while, so I’m sure everyone has a lot of questions… so hurry up! Submit your questions by June 18th.


…And as always, Guy’s favorite question will win you a bunch of GIRL gear!

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Ask the Pros with Marc Johnson

Thanks for all the great questions!! Watch the ANSWERS here!

You know what time it is? It’s time to ask Marc Johnson your questions! His favorite question will win you some cool Matix gear and be sure to have your questions submitted by May 17th. THE QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL 5/21.


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Reynolds Answers – Part 3

Hope you enjoyed this installment of “Ask the Pros” with Andrew Reynolds… Sorry if some of your questions didn’t get answered… but there were over 700 questions.

Big Thanks to Andrew for taking the time to answer as many as he could… and thanks to everyone who submitted questions!!!  Be sure and check back next week…we’ll post who the winner is for Andrew’s favorite question.

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Reynolds Answers – Part 2

More of your questions answered by The Boss!

And don’t worry if it didn’t get answered… it might be in Part 3!!

…but if it’s not…sorry.


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Andrew Reynolds – Answers Your Questions! Part 1


Even though he’s one of the busiest skateboarders around… running companies, being a father, filming for videos… Andrew Reynolds was still kind enough to sit down and answer a ton of your questions.  Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 coming later in the week…

Thanks again Andrew! We all appreciate it!


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