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Active Army is Active Ride Shop’s shop team program. In this column we highlight the best shop riders for the whole world to see. Active Army has been an unsaid tradition since 1989 which has helped launch many careers and built life long friendships along the way.

Active Army Mike Runyan

Check out Mike Runyan- I mean Alan Elms- I mean Michael Freddy- holding it down for the Chino Hills Active Army!  He is currently recovering from some knee complications…  Hey! He just strolled past my desk as I am writing this up to skate the mini ramp… so weird… but that’s Alan for ya!   Glad to see his knee is feeling better.  Someone needs to pick this kid up!  No… seriously, can someone please come pick Michael up…cuz’ he’s still here skating the ramp and I want to go home…

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Active Army Austin Lycans

Check out our boy Austin Lycans representing the Escondido Active Army.  And when he’s not hard at work behind your local skate counter… He’s busy gearing up, for what we call, gettin’ down!.  Austin’s camera man Corey put a few clips together for The Skateboard Mag… So we thought we’d share the throwaway footy- did i mention this was throwaway footy!  This is throwaway footy… So check it out and be sure to check him out in the upcoming Stranger Skateboards Promo!


Be sure to scroll down and read about how you too can represent the Active Army.


Active Army: 10 tricks w/ Hendricks

Once again Corey Hendricks gets down for the Active Army! This little park is down the street from Corey’s pad… He spent very little time to clock these good guys! Corey is reppin’ the Mission Valley Active with a goodness and style all his own and still finds time to work nights at Wall Mart. Pretty sure that will change real soon!

After you watch the video, scroll down and read about how you too can represent the Active Army.

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Active Army: Taylor Kirby

Active Army fans, I present to you Taylor Kirby. Born and bred in good ol’ San Clemente, Kirby be chillin with the Shep Dawgs steady ripping up all of So Cal. A junior at San Clemente High and full time shreddy head for Osiris flow. Enjoy this nice digital moving picture show put together by Taylor’s good buddy Jacob Nunez. Read below to find out how you can represent for the Active Army proper!!!

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Active Army- San Dimas Team

 Active Army riders representing the San Dimas shop Aaron Berry, Mark Armagure and Steven Muro got together with their homies and laid down the law at the San Dimas Skatepark. Big thanks to David Payan for putting the sickness together!! Read below on how you too can join the Active Army

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Active Army Zac Archuleta

A gnarly man of faith, Zac Archulta holding it down for the Army at our Huntington Beach store. Recently turning pro for Siren Skateboards and featured in the video Foolishness with the likes of Josh Harmony, Brian Sumner Lance Mountain and Hosoi, the homie has been on the hustle. God has been good to this man, sending  him on skate missions abroad and all over the beatiful US of A! We are very proud to have Zac ripping for the big A! For more info on how you can sign up for Active Army, read below.

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Active Army Corey Hendricks!

 Corey Hendricks, a recent transplant from Gillespie, Illinois. Now he’s chilling in San Diego working graveyard shifts and ripping everyday! He’s found a home at our Mission Valley store and we couldn’t be happier. When it comes to demos or events, Corey is Johnny on the spot.

 Corey’s sponsors are Active Ride Shop, Character Skateboards, Adio Flow and Plan Nine Skate Park in IL. If you’re looking for a shop to call home, look into Active Army today.  Read below for more info. Skate or Die!  

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Active Army Alex Valdez

Straight repping the Long Beach Army is Alex Valdez. Long time homie, you may have seen him at Active demo events, out at local skateparks, or just street spots, skating it up. Down for Active and supporting for a minute now! Shredding for JSLV, VOX, Fury Trucks, Kontrol Wheels and now Active! Always full of smiles, be sure to slap hands and say what’s up when you see him around. This is Alex Valdez, Long Beach Active Army. Big thanks to Serg for quality part! HUURRAAHHHH!!


If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of this army cruise by your local Active and talk to the team manager. Read below for more details  


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Active Army: Taylor Forney

 Check this quickie from our man Taylor Forney, who not only shreds for the Brea Active, homeboy is also an employee. If your in the area, have him give your set up an oil change and rotate the tires! After you watch the footy, read on below to find out how you can skate for your local Active and join the postive lads on Active Army.

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Army Update: Jurupa Skate Park

 Some of our fine gentlemen representing at the Jurupa park just around the corner from HQ. Jeffery Garcia clocked the footage and Zachary Peacock put togther a nice edit for your viewing pleasure. Featured are Mr Peacock himself, Tyler Cole, Johnny Gomez (Mexican Blanket Tour Winner!) and Ean. Enjoy and if you’d like to learn more about how you can join the Active Army read the info below.

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Active Army, Derek Dunaway!

 Check out Active Army youthful ripper Derek Dunaway skating out of Active Temecula. No music necessary, just powerful tricks! Enjoy and read below to find out how you can join the Active Army. Don’t think of us as a typical Army, although I have nothing but respect for our Armed Forces. Think of Active Army as a collection of individuals fighting for the same cause, which is to get down on their boards for reasons all their own. Skate or die, ollie high!

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Active Army Starts Now! Anthony Nuckols

Active’s unsaid tradition of shop sponsoring local skaters since 1989 has now taken a step towards maturity and an air of excellence never before seen from a retailer. I’m proud to bring to you Anthony Nuckols as the first Active Army rider to be posted here on the Active People site featuring his digital footage. This soft spoken young man was originally born in Texas, but grew up in San Marcos. His sponsors are Active Ride Shop Escondido, FKD, Silver, Control Wheels and Orisue.

After you check his footy, read below and learn how you can land a sponsorship with your local Active Ride Shop and help carry the Active Army tradition into the next century!

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