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Active Army is Active Ride Shop’s shop team program. In this column we highlight the best shop riders for the whole world to see. Active Army has been an unsaid tradition since 1989 which has helped launch many careers and built life long friendships along the way.

Mikey Molina Full Part for Metro Skateboarding

You can’t stop what’s meant to be. Active San Dimas‘ team rider, Mikey Molina proves the doubters wrong in his full part on Metro Skateboarding‘s youtube channel. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now’s your chance to see it… what are you waiting for??? Press PLAY!!!

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“Where Is It” Teaser!

A full length Active Army video by Marque Cox starring: Vincent Luevanos, Brandon Bond, Ricky Webb, Teddy Abril, Denzel White, & many more!
***Premiering on March 28th at
Downtown Independent Theatre 251 S. Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tickets are Free at your local Active Ride Shop!

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Roadkill #activearmySF Day 1

“When you’re on time, something’s wrong.”

Active took 6 Active Army riders up to SF to shoot the Holiday catalog. I jumped in the van and tagged along for the trip.

Meet up for departure at 7am..

8am, Let’s skate the warehouse…

10am, We are not all going to fit in this van, what’s plan b?

Domo setting up a freshy

11am, HIT THE ROAD!!

Co-pilot: Denzel White

1pm, Two hours later, pit stop. Pow wows and stretches in the middle of nowhere.

Active Art department is on the trip! Only missin’ you Andrew!

Roadkill – You definitely took something out.

Made it into SF, settling in.

First things first, stroll around town.

Met up with Brad Burt and he invited us over for a night sesh on his mini.

Cruise in the house after the cold session and went throughly thru a Thrasher.

Let’s go through it again, just incase we missed something!!

Called it a night, had an early morning skate mission.

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