Catching Up w/ Jeremy Leabres

After being pro for 5 months on Toy Machine, we met up with the homie Jeremy Leabres at the local warm-up spot. Here’s what he has going on & coming up.

Since you moved out from your old pad who are your new roommates?
Corey Glick, Aidan Campbell, & Cole Wilson

Mike Sinclair, Tum Yeto TM

What are your plans this summer?
Emerica/Lakai trip (Stay Flared Tour) that starts at the end of May. Right after that the Tum Yeto Super Tour.


How many tours/trips have you been on?
– Haven’t been keeping count. That’s too many digits right there.


Dream spot/location to tour?
– Anywhere with any of my friends as long as we’re skating good spots.


Overall favorite trip?
– the Tum Yeto trip to Kentucky ’cause that’s where we met Cole (Wilson). It was really productive, a lot of good times.

Jeremy with Nick Merlino & Dakota Servold

Favorite team mates?
– Everyone that I go on trips with.


Filming for any upcoming videos?
– We got the Toy Machine video in a couple years, working on a Real Street part for next year. And there might be an Emerica project in the works.

Jeremy & his dog Iggy

Thanks Jeremy!