Calling All Ninjas

So here is the Air Blaster Ninja Suit. While the suit is mainly intended for use as long underwear. I’m sure you could find a few other uses as well. Also, the butt zips open for quick and easy disposal. 1000-85083

Aight so check this out…

The other day…I’m driving down the street in West Covina (it was like…amar and valinda) and I see this NINJA just CHIILLLIINN… walking down the street. This fool had all the ninja gear on, and only his eyes were showing. I went to talk to this guy…and as soon as I pulled over…this fool jumped over this wall into someones backyard.
The next day, calpoly gives me a call like “Be alert! There’s a dude with a samurai sword on campus dressed in all black” Hmm..