C1RCA Signing – They Brought The Heat

Lopez and Tave

Temecula drew a crowd of a few hundred eager skateboard fans patiently waiting in the heat and long line for an autograph and hi-five from the C1RCA team. The signing lasted hours and the crowd didn't seem to mind the 100 degree heat, they just wanted their signatures and photos. The C1RCA team featuring Colt Cannon, David Reyes, Sierra Fellers and our boys Jon Allie, Adrian Lopez and Tony Tave signed happily and gave away a ton of free product. C1RCA even brought along special guest, Danger Ehren, from Jackass who signed alongside the team.

After people got their autographs they would either join in on the Game of SKATE we were holding in the parking lot, or try their luck in our longest power-slide contest. We ended the signing with a massive product toss, because nothing is better than walking away with some free stuff for coming out and supporting an event. Kids walked away with shoes, shirts, gift certificates, and much more. Unfortunately the Dj who had been spinning throughout the event went home bummed because it was so hot outside his records melted, bummer.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the event, to Peyden and the Temecula store for helping out all day long for promoting the event so well! Thanks to C1RCA for bringin' the heat!

All Photos: Erica Yary