Broken Skateboards – Call me Gordon Leadfoot

broken skateboard

Bruised heals, broken skateboards, de-lam's and wheelbite! If you're familiar with these terms chances are you have become a victim to having what I like to call lead feet. Do you ever have those days where you ollie off a curb and it appears you just ollied a twelve stair? Have you ever broken more than one board in a day? Well I have, and let me tell you spending $100 bucks on two decks in one day is a bit ridiculous. Given it's just a piece of wood, and if landed upon with the right pressure it can easily break, but what gives? Why do my feet land anywhere but over the bolts? And do they make Viagra for leg stamina? My legs are that of your average 62 year old. Seriously here, if I don't figure this out I'm going to need a second job. At this point it's just not a good economic decision for me to try any tricks. So if you see me around at a park don't expect anything but some sweet bowl carving.

The Angry Skateboarder

i dont think anyone on here sk8s. you all sound like a bunch of doshbags. and delam is when the plys dont stick together anymore. if you dont think i sk8 u can go 2 my youtube channel. or type in josh wade skating.

The broken skateboard in the photo at the top of this page looks exactly like MINE. Odd that it also somehow bears an uncanny likeness to the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.


I agree with darko. Like anyone else knows about “wills nills”. You can’t fool us lock dog.

Not the same guy, sorry. This might shatter your world view, but it’s possible for a skater to use proper grammar and capitalization and NOT work for a publication!

Not the same guy, sorry. This might shatter your world view, but it’s possible for a skater to use proper grammar and capitalization and NOT work for a publication!

hmmm…”locdogg’s” lingo and word choice seems awful familiar(scratches head). could it be one of the alias’ of the one and only “angry skateboarder”?Perhaps…

Why do kids in the midwest think working for a skateboard company is some kind of magical land where decks grow on trees? Nobody gets decks free just because they work for a skateboard company. You get free decks when you are SPONSORED, which is a totally different thing. You might get a decent discount or the occasional defect, but the company can’t afford to be giving away decks all willy-nilly. People that work at Macy’s can get a discount on Macy’s clothes, people that work for a skate company can get skate goods at a discount. It’s just a perk of working for a company. However, they never give **** away unless it’s damaged goods or you’ve worked your ass off for it.

well you get them for free. so what are you worrying about. sure for the people who buy them its a lot. but since you pay nothing dont complain

Umm if u want new boards that arent $50
i know a place u can get them and i aint talkin about ccs im talkin about Active Mailorder YEAH!!!

Umm if you wont new boards i know a place where you can get them cheap and i aint talkin bout ccs om talkin bout Active Mailorder YEAH!!!!

yes i will have to agree with this. skateboards at times can be so expensive especially if there only going to have only a day or so of skating. prices are ridiculous 50 dollars for a piece of wood. but the real question is how much does it really cost to construct such a piece?