BroDown ShowDown 2009

BroDown ShowDown 2009

February 28th was the day of the 5th annual BroDown ShowDown event at Bear Mountain.  This years event was sponsored by Nitro Snowboards, Active Ride Shop, Bear Mountain, Red Bull, Toyota, Oakley, the Comune, and Skullcandy.  The day started too early with registration, and our first look at the original course dreamed up by Clayton, Dan and the rest of the Bear Mountain park staff.  The event drew competitors from as far as Norway.  Soon the event kicked off to the mega mix provided courtesy of Skullcandy and DJ SlipMatt.  We are pretty sure that the first runs through the course were by Big Mountain Mike and a few other judges, they figured they would set the standard and see if the competitors could one up them.


Judging, watching, look at the rider, look at the rider.


 Cody Rosenthal cranking one out so far that our backs hurt.


 Evan from Snowboarder doing the work thing.


Austin Smith guest judge extraordinaire found time to grab the mic and announce best trick.  Brent is thinking, “Yeah Austin Smith is pretty lucky to be hanging with the gift today”


The winners:  1st Brandon Cocard, 2nd Joachim Krogstie, 3rd Cody Rosenthal, Best Trick Joachin Krogstie.

We would like to Thank Bear Mountain, Nitro Snowboards, Red Bull, Toyota, Oakley, Comune, Skullcandy, L1 Outerwear, Rio, Mindy, all the judges, and all the competitors who came out and supported the event. 

See you next year for the 6th annual Bro Down.  Keep honing your skills, as we can only imagine the course the Clayton and the Bear park staff will dream up for next year.