Bro Model Vince Capaldi by Girl


As you may know, Vince Capaldi was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer a few years ago.  His humerous bone was replaced with a metal prosthesis called Cobalt Chrome.  After the surgery he had 13 additional chemotherapy treatments to help cure his cancer.  From what I read on the website, he has finished with his treatments and so far his CT scans are clean… which is great news!

When you purchase the “Bro Model” you get a Vince Capaldi wristband as a thank you for your support and all proceeds go to the Capaldi family to help with their medical bills.

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ha wat up mike u know i no sum 1 in mi fam well actully alot of pple who i new had health probs so i couldn’t buy many boards mi sister always stealling mi money and i just bought a board cause i had it frum my graduation this year and well i guess i wanted to say u inspired me to skate board i lost mi faverot tricks like fs pops switch and regular and kickflips almost got it but now it looks like **** and fakie kicks and heel fs pop and 360 shuvit and alot….. of mi triks so it was hard wnough to get mi nollie bs shuv and pop back but u still in spire me to try to get mi tricks back i watch fully flared every day to in spire me to try big stuff but now skating isnt as fun as it u to be cause i dont wanna snap mi board cause who nows wen ill get a new 1 after mi back up thank u mike mo 4 inspiring me well i guess i can tell u u r and insperation to me to keep trying even wen i eat it i keep thinkin mike mo would probly tre flip this so i have to ollie this. P.S. thank u if u get this message.