Bring Your Own Best Trick Contest Video

Video by Prince

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Simi Valley has an amazing skateboard landmark. The Skate Lab! Every skate vagabond needs to make a pilgrimage there to enrich their knowledge of skateboarding. It’s not only an amazing skate park wonderland, it also holds a nice skateboard museum. We’re talking old decks, mag covers, poster, etc. Go see? it for? yourselves. up w/ the Skate Lab Active played host to a few best trick contest. Winners received a healthy box of promo from Active. Frijoles Blancos was in the house slapin’ on tattoos and causing a ruckus (the guy’s a dummy!). Big thanks to Todd and the entire Skatelab crew for putting us on and Fallen for supplying the free hoodies for the kiddies. Peep the video and enjoy highlights from our winners Val, Che, and Patrick!!