Braydon Szafranski – Utrecht Line

Video by Scuba Steve

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druglordhuman your dumb he already has like 3 parts out and has another coming out in the new emerica video

The third trick is called a Madonna. It was invented by Tony Hawk sometime in the 80’s.

Braydon shreds. His style is so chill. That’s why I like him. I loved his kickflip shifty down the Santa Monica triple set in Baker 3.

i dont know what the third trick is called. is it a “dog piss” or something? whateva it is, its hella fresh. like da vid.

this is what i like. chill skating, letting him do his own thang ya know? props to braydon, very smooth line :)

man this guys need to put out a part so that i can see if hes is all hype or the real deal..but so far he rips!!!!!!!!!