lol yo izd kid iggy kiid and ben dover you need ta shut the **** up bro u dont kno **** and u be pissin me off branydon is dope but get off his **** u homos

Hey Braydon, looking for your dad Steve old friends from vegas. Ask him he’ll remember me. Way to go kid your dad always said you would hit the big time.

yo man ever been to bermuda? i live here and only me and my friend skate you should come down and skate with us? and blaze some of the bermudian home grown, cool

Yo Braydon! “im swedish so i cant speak so good but” Why the “baker has a death wish” video have a glitch in the end? have ali boulala a part in the video? pleace answer! thanks!

I’m in school right now, im just wandering in the three years of high school ahead of me are worth it?

I’m much older than Braydon and I do a lot of stuff I permanently skate a lot but I don’t look like a crackie

For sure you no go to Poland? You look very much like alkoholik living on mine street in Krakov he too rides wood for zloty

Children, this segment very clearly illustrates the hazards of habitual drug and alcohol consumption. After several short years, you too may look 10 years older than you are, wear suit vests while skating and desire a tattoo under your eye. Thank you Active for your ongoing support towards substance abuse awareness.

what is your best skate spot and the best place u have skated and will you have a new deck out some time soon?