Braydon & Berra’s Ads – Behind the Scenes

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Recently Atiba Jefferson shot our Braydon Szafranski and Steve Berra Ad, all in a day’s work. Starting at 8am, we met up with Braydon at Swingers to shoot Braydon’s ad. Alex Olson was there having breakfast as well. If you go onto they have a poll going asking the last place you saw Alex Olson and Swingers is one of the options. After we got Braydon’s Ad shot we waited for Steve Berra to finish up a meeting at DVS and when he got back to The Berrics, we met him there to shoot his Ad. While at the Berrics we ran into fellow Active rider Brian Hansen as well as Mike Anderson and Patrick Melcher. Check out the photos and make sure you pick up issues of the newest SkateboardMags and the newest Transworld’s.

Photos: Erica Yary