Brad Staba – BLOG # 2


BLOG # 2. And if at the end of this blog you think it sucks then #2 is a perfect name for this entry. Right now I’m just thinking about naked girls and the fact that my Cleveland Cavs will become this year’s champions. Attached is a photo of the neighborhood I grew up in called the Slavic Village in Cleveland. I grew up on est 71st which some of you are familiar with Bone Thugs then you know that it’s 28 blocks away from where they grew up. Thuggish ruggish lock your car door type shit. Trying to keep it on the same shit as my last blog I attached another photo of bone thugs. Ok. Now let’s talk about skateboarding and video games…siiiike!!! I’m currently knee deep in finishing all the new skate mental stuff coming up for wallride 18 and also building a new website which is why our web presence is down. I could stick a coming soon page on the url but everybody does that. At least now we look even shittier than we already are. But on the other hand we are way cooler than your favorite companies. We got coming with the new SM site so when you click on the wizard icon you’ll be whisked away to a drunken bliss where you will be offered many things to occupy your day. Gotta go, my knife samples just arrived. That’s right…knives!!!!!

Bone Thugs

you mean Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. you can’t forget the harmony when talking about thuggish ruggish type ****.