Bones Swiss Team News

daryl angel

Bones Team News

Bones Swiss Bearings are the proven best. 24 years of performance and the best just keeps getting better. Just ask new Bones Swiss rider Guy Mariano.

Back in the late 80’s Guy was rolling on Swiss, and we are happy to have him officially back on the team. Some heavy hitting ams join Bones Swiss this month too: Almost super am Torey Pudwill and Girl stylish rippers Sean Malto and Alex Olson now roll on Bones Swiss. Rick McCrank, PJ Ladd, Danny Garcia, Raymond Molinar and new pros Bobby Worrest and Silas Baxter-Neal are featured in ?S video, SKATE, out now. The Nike video premiered last week featuring with Swiss riders Omar Salazar, Wieger Van Wageningen and Swiss and Nike flowers Brad Staba, Tony Manfre, Daryl Angel, and Danny Fuenzalida.

Lakai video Fully Flared is up soon, with Swiss rider Marc Johnson’s long anticipated video part, as well as Cairo Foster, Mike Mo Capaldi and new Swiss riders Alex Olson and Guy Mariano. Osiris has their video coming out November 2nd, so watch for a banging Caswell part in that. Speaking of Caswell, A new Tilt Mode video is in the works for next year, with MJ to have more banging footy, as well as south bayers’ Jerry Hsu, Louie Barletta, Caswell, Colt Cannon and Daryl Angel. Look for all these Bones in the mags as their coverage from these filming trips comes out in photographic form.

Current Bones Teams:
* Guy Mariano
* Marc Johnson
* Rick McCrank
* Jerry Hsu
* Cairo Foster
* Jereme Rogers
* Stevie Williams
* Chris Haslam
* PJ Ladd
* Devine Calloway
* Ryan Gallant
* Omar Salazar
* Danny Garcia
* Johnny Layton
* Jason Lee
* Dylan Rieder
* Bobby Worrest
* Jack Curtain
* Silas Baxter-Neal
* Raymond Molinar
* Tim O’Connor
* Kenny Hughes
* John Cardiel
* Colt Cannon
* Paul Machnau
* Donny Barley
* Louie Barletta
* Zered Bassett
* Danny Fuenzalida
* Steve Nesser
* Caswell Berry
* Ryan Smith
* Weiger Van Wageningen
* Steve Caballero
* Brad Staba
* Danny Wainwright
* Fabrizio Santos
* Jeremy Wray
* Alex Chalmers
* Chris Pastras
* Nilton Neeves

* Mike Mo Capaldi
* Antwuan Dixon
* Sean Malto
* Alex Olson
* Daryl Angel
* Jose Rojo
* Brandon Westgate
* Van Wastell
* Jordan Hoffart
* Tony Manfre
* Torey Pudwill
* Levi Brown

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