Bling Fest – Results, Video & Photos

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This year’s Bling Fest presented by Vans kicked off the day with a line a half mile long of people waiting to get into the event. Rancho Cucamonga was overtaken with skateboarding for the weekend and it was insanity. Thousands of skate and music enthusiasts came out to enjoy the festivities and walk away with tons of product and Tons of the world’s top pros were out on the Bling Fest street course skating it up for over $15,000 that was given out throughout the 2 hour contest.

After numerous hammers being dropped and tons of cash given out, Billy Marks ended up taking home the most cash for the Best Overall skater of the day, and Adam Dyet won the $2,500 KR3W Best Trick Contest with a Nollie Bigspin Heel to Backlip.

Check out the photos and the video. We will be posting NUMEROUS photos and links to different videos and photos you can check out all week.

Thanks to all of Bling Fest’s Sponsors: Vans, Boost Mobile, Red Bull, KR3W, Zero Skateboards, and Hurley.

video by DH


All Photos: Erik Bragg

bling fest was off the hook// excellent showup and the pros gave it their best..i loved watching gareth stehr the dude never gave up..he kept tryn till he landed his tricks//..although some of the kids were annoying but all in all bling fest gets better n better each year..cheers to active

yo is it just me or does slash fuggin look like chad dude from nickelback?

everytime i see him sk8 i think “OH **** chad kroger is trying 2 b a pro sk8er”