Bling Fest – Nov. 17th 2007!


Bling Fest, Active's Annual Best Trick Contest and Music Festival, is just around the corner and everyone is going to need to mark their calendars for the biggest and best Bling Fest yet! Saturday, November 17th will go down in history! The Rancho Cucamonga Epicenter will once again be the home to Bling Fest 2007 as well as The Second Annual Active Am on Sunday, November 18th.

This year we are giving away over $20,000 in cash and prizes and over a hundred of the best professional and amateur skaters in the world will be in the house to claim the cash. Hundred Dollar Hammers will once again be given out for any tricks that the judges feel are worthy of a Benjamin. And we are sure that the guys skating in the event this year will be bringing the heat!

This year Chad Muska and Jamey Stone will be on the mics to keep the crowd hyped and Angels &amp Airwaves will be the headling band on the Hurley Stage!

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Don't miss out… tell all your friends. This year will be off the hook!

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This year’s bling fest was nothing compared to last year’s event. Last year was a perfect 10/10. This year was, in my eyes, only a 6/10. They didn’t give away as much free stuff, there were too many people, and the bands opening for Angels and Airwaves were obnoxious. The skating was cool. That was one of the main reasons I enjoyed myself. Otherwise, it was pretty lame compared to last year because last year, I got my money’s worth and WAY more.

I don’t know if you all feel the same way or not, but that’s just my 2 cents.

AGREED!! I drove 30 miles to see We Are The Arsenal. I was with 10 other people. We were ripped off. They made the band play before the gates were even open. We couldn’t even see them!! Who organized this?? We were stuck on the other side of the gate. Why did the other bands not get the same sucky treatment?? Not fair to us fans!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS WAS SO UNBELIEVABLY UNORGANIZED!!! The first band was awesome and we couldn’t even see them. They made the band play before they would let anyone in the gates. Can you say fixed contest? The other bands all sounded the same and the “winning” band was the only band that played in front of the crowd. That band wasn’t that great and broke the “rules” that were set for the contest. I want my money back!!! Who voted?? FIXED FIXED FIXED the first band was the only original all of the others sounded the same.

Can’t wait to see We Are The Arsenal….they are awesome!!! What other bands are playing the band competition?

Are any of these skaters going to be at the Bling Fest: P-Rod, Ryan Sheckler, Stevie Williams, Darwon Song, Eric Koston, and Theotis Beasley? Are Angels & Airwaves going to be signing stuff or are they just singing?

I am really excited to see the two bands Confide and Greeley Estate, they are totally awesome and everyone should check them out.