Bling Fest & Active Am Coverage

billy money

Active's friend and co-hort Mike Vallely posted a blog about his time at Bling Fest that you can check out.

Transworld Posted two slide shows and a story on Bling Fest and Active Am as well as two videos from the events.
Transworld Bling Fest Slideshow and Story
Transworld Bling Fest Video

Transworld Active Am Slideshow and Story
Transworld Active Am Video

Vital Skate posted two videos of last weekend's events:
Vital Skate on Bling Fest
Active Am on Vital Skate

Rob Brink posted two different stories on his site with sequences from Active Am and Bling Fest:
10 Sequences
Justin Brock & Greg Myers

Black Box Distribution/Zero Skateboards also posted some photos from the weekend on their site Black Box Coverage
Black Box Podcast

George Crossland's coverage of the event.

411's Coverage of the events:
Bling Fest Video
Active Am Results Video

Enjoy all that and we will be updating you with more photo galleries soon as well.

Photo: Edwin Whelpy

Anybodies know who that kid wearing that Soapbox skateboards tshirt was? He was really small and rippin!