Blast from the past.

I’ve been reorganizing my photo archives and came across these photos that have never been seen outside of my computer. It’s been fun remembering these moments.

Here are 3 photos from december of 2005, while I was filming my video part for the first MDP-People film “People”. I was in Minnesota along with Mitch Neslon, Ryan Thompson, Curtis Woodman, and Darrel Mathes. We had full pro photographers there at the time, being Andy Wright and Rob Mathis. After I got my shot at these spots, I took out my camera and went on the other side of the lens. I never submitted these photos anywhere, so here’s their first look into the public.


I sessioned this ledge first, getting a lipslide to fakie on it. Then Mitch Nelson got a backside tailpress on it.


This kinked rail is right across the field from the ledge. Ryan Thompson got his shot right before sundown.


This rail has since been hit by JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, and others. But first person to step up was Curtis Woodman!

Thanks fellas!
The first shot needs to be timed like this. If you shoot it much later, you’ll lose the separation of the nose being lifted above the rail/ledge, and it’ll look like a basic 50-50. Sometimes you can break that idea, but I found it worked best for this.

The first shot is the best, it seems to have been a little early tho..

I really like your photo’s robbie keep it up! this old stuff is rad.