Blancos kills PRod?

Don’t worry skate fans, we were just clowning for the camera. Blancos actually loves the PRod. He’s the most chill professional I’ve ever encountered. The homie can sign autographs all day and never get annoyed. I’m sorry but Blancos would be ripping arms off folks after an hour or so.

Here’s some pics of Paul up in Valencia Active, where he signed for 4 hours and then played like 10 games of skate with the locals in the store right after. I think I should mention, Paul put in a full day of skating before all that went down. A true pro! Paul, we all love you here at the big A and Blancos has your back any day! Big ups to Sean Apgar who brought the mega line inside the store and saved folks from the 105 degree heat. Hot! We’ll see you at the next one soon!

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