Billy Marks Mini Ramp & Mini Interview

Billy Marks and Active homie Daniel Duarte stopped by Active yesterday to hang out and skate the mini ramp. Of course, while Billy was here  I had to put him on the spot and ask him about Blak Taffi, Toy Machine socks,  and what he’s been up to. Billy isn’t the best at being interviewed so Daniel jumped in and helped ol’ Bill out. Check out the video, hopefully you can courageously make it through the whole thing and enjoy thoroughly. Don’t mind the editing, we’re still getting used to our programing. I am going to try to do a lot of these flipcam videos so get used to it!

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what`s wrong with billy ?
he`s so good on skateboard..
but what`s happening here ?
billy we want to hear more from you man…

Erica soo hot right now. Erica……..Oh I mean uh yeah nice interview, I want to get some of thoses socks so I can kickflip roast beef massavive gaps

hey there should be a raffle to play billy in a game of skate,id pay 100 bucks to challenge that dude.maybe for charity

Ok, I know I’ve hyped myself up a bit…

BUT…no joke…


((LET ME GET A 8min clip of just me skating))