BFF’s at the TF Video with Malto, Mikey & Manny!

The BFF’s at the TF contest has been over for a while, but with such busy schedules it was hard to get everyone together! Just the other week the winner Manny Guevara and his friend rolled out to Sole Technology to meet up with Sean Malto and Mikey Taylor to skate the Training Facility and grab a bunch of free Etnies gear. Congrats to Manny Guevara and check out the video!

Video: Erik Bragg

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That dude is going to look back someday an be like “Oh my god, I can’t believe I wore that stupid rasta that I bought from the 99ยข Store Halloween section!” He’s going to be bummed…really bummed!

OH ****, yeah! it’s the dude that *SPOILER ALERT* ended up being the murderer

seeing donovan in that episode was the greatest thing i’ve ever witnessed