Behind The Scenes Erik Ellington Active Ad

erik ellington ad

Remember back in July when we asked who wanted to be in Ellington's next ad? Well, check it out…

It was rad watching this ad come together. We were supposed to shoot it at Hollywood High, but their security kicked us out before we even went in the school. Atiba, Erik, Chad the art director for Active, and Shane decided to move it to Hollywood Blvd, and have all the kids walk behind Erik while he skates down the street, or while he's walking holding his board.

So we all mobbed over to Hollywood Blvd. with about 25 kids. The “normal” people had no idea what was going on, the tourists were taking pictures and filming us. The rest is history, so check the video, and you should be seeing the ad any day now if you haven't already. The same photo was also used in the Active Pre-Holiday 2007 Catalog online now.

Video by Daniel Haney

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erick ellintong is great de double-e is great santiago de chile gracias amigo

dave vogt, you are right this ad is ***, it is probably the ***est ad I’ve ever seen. Hmmm…I wonder why our site bleeps out the word R-A-D. Oh well, stay *** dave.

bout time..looking fresh with the green phillies hat…shouts to double e and braydon 2 of the coolest pros you could meet

did anybody notice that in the pic his shirt says 1580 krew but in the vid its says kday and that active billboard on the top left cornver too. in the vid tis sum guy and his packs

i wish i could go tu the u.s., !!
im on mexico , living the worst skateboarding life in the world , erik ellignton it’s my favorite pro skater, i dream one day i could go to holly wood or L.A. to know the real thing on skateboarding,” the making of the ” making history ” jajaj , to now im stock o nothing of spots nothing of parks and nothing of “skate scene”. goodby active jajaja.