Battle of the Shops 2007

Check out some highlights and photos from Automatic Magazine’s 2007 Battle of the Shops. We didn’t win and that’s all that matters.

Active’s Team was Terell Robinson, Mike “Owen” Franklin, Segan Lockheart, Jon Goemann, and Donnie Mitchell… Thanks to those guys for coming out and ripping in the name of Active.

All Videos: Daniel Haney

Tech Obstacle

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Double Set

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Ramp Obstacle

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Photos: Erica Yary

Daniel Haney is a JOKE!
but a good joke,
that’ll make you laugh er something..

im pretty much trying to say we’re lovers :(

keep up the good work ma’nig

hey film3r…yor over saturated and blown out…your just jealous your not filming for active!!!!..ha ha..dont hate..lets see you film a demo in the middle of a bright ass day…peace

yo daniel i was wondering if you can tell me the song names for the tech video and the double set video. also i think you were suppose to meet up with me and anthony pshebelski and dakota once, but it never happend

Growley – Thanks for backing me up there, really appreciate that, but I am not that Daniel Haney. I am thinking I need to change my name, I get confused for this guy all the time.

Hey “must hate”, if you knew anything about skateboarding history, you’d know that Daniel Haney was a ripper not too long ago (if you’re the same one that skated for Arcade). That’s where he came from.

Anyways, that was sick stuff.

PS Where did you go Daniel? I remember watching a 411 profile you had a while ago.

That double set looks so fun! The back one eighty back foot flip is gnarly. I was bummed no one tried to firecracker the double set though.