Bat For Lashes a.k.a. Natasha Khan

I first heard about Natasha Khan (also known by her stage name, Bat For Lashes) back in 2007, after a few friends of mine worked on a music video for a song off her debut album “Fur and Gold”(you can check out the video by clicking here).  What is so great about her, is her individuality!  Who she is shines through in her music, as well as her personal style.   Foam March Issue Cover   

Natasha was recently featured in the latest issue of Foam magazine and talks about the inspiration for and meaning behind her newest album, “Two Suns” (you can get you hands on it this June!).  But, the article also mentions how on her rise to stardom she managed to unknowingly become a style symbol for women throughout Europe and the U.S.  She has such an incredible, unique style that I love!  She has this talent of mixing earthy, nature inspired fashion with flashy statements-pieces that you normally wouldnt think would work together, but totally do!  She has also built a reputation for her headwear (that you can find her wearing most of the time) inspired by Native American head dresses and hippie-like headbands.    I am always so inspired by women who experiment with fashion, who push the limits, and who are confident in who they are-and Natasha Khan does just that!  Check out the article in Foam, out now!    Error loading Flickr gallery