Barbie Turns 50 Years Old

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Nevermind the fact that she still looks nineteen Barbie just turned 50! March 9th was the actual 50th Anniversary of Mattel’s famous doll. Barbie will have several high profile celebrations to mark her anniversary throughout the year and she has defintiely started off with a bang at New York’s Fashion Week. She’s earned it, any woman that looks that good at 50 deserves a year of amazing parties.  Models styled as the world re-knowned doll walked the runway in designer outfits from Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, Betsey Johnson and Calvin Klein.  This was the first time high fashion designers have come together to do a Barbie inspired runway show and the show looked insane.

Barbie is an icon on so many levels, she represents style, fashion, beauty and individuality for girls all around the world. You can see several of these designer pieces at Bloomingdales Flagship store on display . . . bummer they aren’t for sale. Like I could afford them anyway.

P.S. I’m not going to lie I am a little jealous of the pink Christian Louboutin heels Barbie wore during the fashion show. That chick has everything!

Did you see them at the Barbie Turns 50 New York Fashion Show? Those great rhinestone encrusted cateye sunglasses, pink daisy cat eye sunglasses , brass cat ear sunglasses and extravagant
jewelled cat woman eye jewellery on Barbie on runway with Vera Wang, Nanette Lepore, Tracy Reese, Marchesa, Lynn Devon and more were
designed and handmade by Sunglasses by
Mercura NYC and chosen for the Barbie Runway 50th anniversary show.
My sister and I are very pleased. We have
constructed thousands of one of a kind frames. see our blog and Facebook.
Merrilee Lichtenstein Cohen & Rachel Cohen-Lunning
PS NIMA, the hottest new designer, is also showing MERCURA NYC on runway in New York and Tokyo


St Patricks Day is right around the corner……..

You could were this dress or shop Active’s “Get your green on” section

You are bound to find something cute!

I wish I had Barbie’s wardrobe, pink shoes, her pink car and of coarse her looks. For that matter, I would love to be Barbie.

I think I need to go shopping so at least I can attempt to keep my wardrobe up to par with hers.

I think I could see Barbie in the new Ezekiel Jeffeny dress with its cute shape and pink buttons that give it a special pop.

I am going to go buy this dress now……….. TTFN