Badass Bryan

Bryan Fox is a badass, and I’m not writing that just because it was actually said on the cover of Future Snowboarding magazine! He’s a strong willed individual, which is hard to come by in the pro snowboarding scene. There’s a lot of people out there who are followers, style biters, puppets, pussies, & dummies; but Bryan is not one of them.

A few years ago, during the filming of the original “People” film, I hitched a ride with Bryan from Tahoe to Mt. Baker. If you aren’t familiar that route, it’s about a 12 hour drive. I’m not a psychologist, but got to figure him much better by the time we got there. He’s got strong morals and beliefs, with a great family background. Even though we may differ on some opinions, I appreciate his honesty, intelligence, and character to back it up. He’s not afraid to speak his mind (which I have done in the past and ended up with my foot in my mouth), where most publicized figures sugar coat everything in fear of criticism. He even keeps his life drug and alcohol free, now that’s some amazing will power! …no way I could do that one. All of these reasons are why I call him a badass!

Fox is also a badass on a snowboard. Watch Neoproto “Some Kinda Life”, or any of the “People” films for proof. I really dig his style. His urban riding is heavily skate influenced, instead of looking like he’s performing in “Ringling Brothers” circus act. And when out in the backcountry or park, his jumping is on point. I doubt you could name 5 pros who spin frontside off their toe edge; a lost art which Fox is keeping alive.

Anyways, I just received a message from him this morning which inspired me to write this letter. It’s big news, which I won’t blab about yet… maybe soon, but not yet. Here are a few of my photos of the “powder cowboy”.


Yep, he’s admitting the he’s lactose intolerant! Maybe Volcano cones will offer a line of vegan treats now. Nah, I love their ice cream too much.

Oh man, Big news ****. Well I guess the only thing else a true American BA is to get on Totinos PIzza Rolls with Danny and the Dingo. Dang I wish I was a BA