AWS Mindfield Video Premiere Photos

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Skate fans from all over the place culminated at UCLA’s Royce Hall for Alien Workshop’s new video ‘Mindfield’. If you like or are interested in any of the following things, you might be a fan of the video:

Heath Kirchart, adult braces, Tyler Bledsoe, Mikey Taylor, blood, Rob Dyrdek, Dylan Rieder, white guys on skateboards, Atlanta, fat chicks in party hats, Omar Salazar, Grant Taylor, unveiling Jake Johnson, Steve Berra, wind-up toys, segways and people who ride them, AVE, Arto Saari, Jason Dill, and/or actual aliens.

If you like a total of none of the aforementioned things, you should refrain from ever watching the video. The choice is yours. You can still look at the photos I took from the premiere though.

Photos: Erica Yary