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Summer job??

  It’s officially summer!  I’ve started riding my bike around town, putting ice in my drinks, wearing cut off jean shorts, sweating, etc.  I’ve smashed all my winter snowboard gear into a couple bags to ferment for the next 5 months; maybe the Thrift store is a better idea for that.

   Anyways, now that I won’t be taking pictures of snowboarders n’ such, I’m going to be looking for something to keep me preoccupied for the next few months.  …actually if the right opportunity came about I would do in for an indefinite amount of time.  

  My first plan is I have a bike tour coming up next week, that is a continuation of a trip I took last fall with Pierre from People Films.  That tour was from Washington to San Francisco, and lasted 10 days.  This one is going to be from the point we left off, the Golden Gate Bridge, and traveling along the coastline to the Mexico border.  We’re going with ThirtyTwo’s marketing manager Brian Cook, and Ben Gavelda from Transworld Snowboard Magazine.  They have a limited time off work, so we have to finish this one in 6 days.  Total distance is a little over 600 miles.  I hope there isn’t too many hills.

  When I get back, I’m going to need some projects or work.  Anybody hear of any job opportunities they could pass along to me??  I’m multi-talented, so I’m available for any job these days.  If so, please help me out and give me a shout- [email protected]  , or pass along that info to anybody.  I don’t suppose any snowboard companies need an ex-pro on the team?  jk!

  Check this photo from last month.  Right after I was finished shooting with Nick Dirks, I strapped in and went for a couple tuck-knee indy grabs.  I still got that tweak!  Check for the cameo in VideoGrass.



A friend in need, is a friend indeed!

Cody Rosenthal recently broke his L3 vertebrae on day two of Super Park 09. He was flown out of Mammoth Lakes Hospital to Renown Hospital in Reno and is currently in ICU. His surgery took place May 10, 2009.

This is a link to a group for all of us who love Cody and wish to support him and his family financially during this very difficult time. Like most talented snowboarders in this industry, Cody does not have Health Insurance. Any donations anyone can give are deeply appreciated. Just follow the link below to donate. If you don’t have a paypal account already, its FREE and EASY to get one, it only takes a second… Give a little to someone who gives a lot.

Here’s the link to the Facebook group-

There is a link on the page to the account where donations can be made. I did, hope you can too.

Rome is down.

Rome snowboards was kind enough to set me up on one of their new Mod snowboards this year. I have to say, that sucker rips. It’s right up there with the K2 Believer that Sean Tedore designed.

Anyways, I entered a high ollie contest this spring at Northstar. I’ve won the event the past two years, but this season I came into it with only a couple weeks of riding, which showed in how damned tired I was jumpin over that stick. My legs aren’t what they used to be back in the pro days, but I still got some pop in them. I was hyped that I at least made it to the finals… not bad for being washed up camera guy.

Check the Rome website

Fourplay with Joe Mertes.


Joe Mertes is a proper American, a real Brawny™ man. He’s a hard worker, is respectful and polite, and handles business. That’s all I can say at the moment. Joe’s a good man.

Here is Fourplay with Joe Mertes:

1. Kenny Anderson
2. Geoff Rawley
3. Mark Appleyard
4. Lizard King

1. Beirut
2. Judist Priest
3. 3″ of Blood
4. Johnny Cash.

1. Summit Extra Pale Ale
2. Grainbelt Premium
3. Kronenburg
4. Surly

injuries from this year-
1. bruised heel
2. cracked ribs
3. bleeding head
4. broken back

Peoples party

During the end our last photoshoot session, Seth Huot broke out a bbq. It was a nice treat after a long day of shooting. It was warm and sunny, we were tired and hungry. The smells of grilled hot dogs lured in Laura Hadar and Ben Gustafson from Team Thunder. It turned into a mellow party. Beers, bros, and a bbq… spring shoots are great.




More photos to come.

Salty Bake City

I’m out in SLC at the moment, been here a few days working with the People Creative crew. I picked up Eiki Helgason in Reno, and brought him out to meet up with Jon Kooley and Will Tuddenham, and filmer Pierre Minhondo.

We came out with the intentions of getting the first day of sun after a storm, and a little bit of last season powder. Well, we got here and it’s probably 80 degrees. I now have a sunburn and dehydration.

Here’s a couple B photos from the past couple days.

20090420_utah_046Jon Kooley

Pierre Minhondo giving Eiki Helgason an instant replay of his shot. Buy the new People movie to see it.

We showed up to this hip jump, and a full Japanese film crew was sessioning it. Turns out Yugi (shown here) is on the Nitro team and friends with the guys. They ended up all hitting it together. I even sent a few frontside airs off it at the end of the day… still got it.

P.S. Last week I assisted Andy Wright in a DC team photoshoot, and he’s being kind enough to let me couch surf his place while being here. Check out this amazing photo gallery of some of his photos that didn’t get published in the last mags–>

Design nerd out.

A few years ago when I was making a bunch of cash as a pro snowboarder (Santa Cruz, Hoven, COAL, Quiksilver, Flux, ACTIVE, etc) , I was into expensive things. I have really been into modern design the past 5 or so years, especially mid century work by Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Eames. I’ve started to be a total style snob, and nerd out on the design work in anything.

My friend who helped create my website (, Dave Benton of Metajive, sent me a link to Semigood Design. It was for a tshirt line with illustrations of famous skate spots… amazing! Check it-  Semigood

One of their shirts of the famous soCal skate spot.

I then browsed around the rest of the site and came across their Rift Collection furniture line, and my jaw dropped… brilliant work. Unfortunately it’s priced accordingly to how nice it’s designed. And since I’m not a pro snowboarder anymore, my $10 thrift store chair is going to continue to be my main seat. …maybe someday when I become a big time photographer. …maybe someday.

Busted by the cops.

20090206_tahoe_devine_047 (Jake Devine. Snowboard noseblunt. From a different shoot with the T9 crew.)

One of my favorite photographers Mark Kohlman organizes an online action sports photo gallery for ESPN, called Zoom. I used to worked with him while I was a pro snowboarder, and got some of my best stuff then. I try to keep in touch with him these days, which is difficult, but when I can I give him previews of my new photography hoping it will make his gallery.

I was lucky to get this very recent photo of Jake Devine. It almost didn’t happen because we got “caught” by the cops. It was at an empty vacation home, but the neighbors didn’t like our company. Instead of asking us to leave (which we maybe would have), they called the police.

When the cops arrived… blah, blah, blah. Same old story this, same old shit that. I was well spoken when they asked questions… telling them that I’m responsible for my actions, we weren’t destroying anything, we would shovel the snow bump near the rail when we were done, we knew we weren’t bothering anybody since it was a rental home, et cetera et cetera.

They didn’t give a shit, took our info, and when getting Jake’s they all of a sudden changed their tune. -“Oh, Jacob. Why didn’t you tell us in the first place??” -“uhhh, I didn’t think it mattered.”

It turns out Jake’s father is “the man” at the local sheriff station. They let us go immediately. I laughed. I was lucky I got the shot, because they still made us leave.

Here’s a link to the gallery. Photo #5

Fourplay™ with Zac Marben

Zac Marben. Not sure what I can say about him, except I’ve had the pleasure of watching his snowboarding abilities come a long way.

I first rode with him on the slopes of Mt Hood about 9 years ago, where he landed a cameo appearance in Pierre Minhondo’s (of People films) first movie titled “Mixed Elements”. It’s online on Vimeo or something I believe, if you want to check it out. Later Zac lived on our couch for the winter filming for Neoproto and he really started to make it happen. Fast forward a few years and he put out the amazing last part in “Down with People”.

I just had Fourplay™ with him, and this is what he said-

1. Musicians: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Warren Zevon, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison.

2. Over seas chicks: German, French, Spanish, Japanese

3. Best methods: Jamie Lynn, Terje, Bjorn Leines, Nicolas Mueller

4. Places to vacation this summer: Greece, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Bali

And while I have your attention…
Last night I was having a conversation with a friend on iChat, talking some shit, and then was shown this today-

Fight Club, me v.s. T-bro.


If you haven’t checked out, then you take snowboarding too seriously or haven’t been on the internet since 1997. For some humorous trash talking, look through their archives.

They recently started a new series called “Fight Club”. I don’t know if I should feel honored, or bummed that I was part of the first one. They decided to put me up against one of my best friends, Sean Tedore.

For those of you who don’t know who Sean is, he was sponsored when Forum Snowboards first came out. He also was in the first Neoproto film, putting out a great part despite being held back because of his first of numerous knee injuries. He eventually had so many, that he retired from professional snowboarding and used his mechanical engineering degree to take the K2 Snowboarding snowboard designer job. He’s been doing that for a few years now, creating the “Believer” and other top selling K2 boards. You can find him in Seattle hanging out with Peter Line, or on myspace or something.

Anyways, check it out-

YOBEAT (click here)

The quotes are pretty funny.

Flight fight.

Right now I’m prepping for a trip with the TWS film crew, getting gear ready to board a plane. I’m not able to charge a client my traveling fees, so I’m being careful with every penny spent.

I have a very heavy flash kit, which is roughly 65 lbs full in the case. The past year or so, the airlines have been charging a ridiculous amount for baggage. They charge you per bag, and now have even lower weight limits on those bags. I used to be able to cram a ton a gear in a board bag and get away with it, and now they give me a rough time for putting clothing in it besides “just” a snowboard. Nazi style I tell you, I’m ready to fight them.

I’m a pretty light weight guy. So when they start telling me I’m 1-2 lbs over my baggage weight limit, I have to remind them I should be getting a credit weight allowance because I don’t weigh down the plane as much as some Americans.

So because of all this, my carry on is going to break my back I know it.

…and to top it all off, I will be going through Canadian Customs. If any pro snowboarder or photographer is reading this, you know the hell it is!! Wish me luck that I don’t get denied into their country.


Ashbury Demo pics

Just a couple days ago, I attended the Ashbury Demo at Bear Mtn. It was amazing, seriously was the best rail riding I’ve seen ever. Granted it was in a park and not on a street rail, but the tricks and consistency of the Ashbury team was mind blowing.

I just saw the gallery photos from Liam Gallagher on TW snow’s website, and the comments on it are too funny. Check that out also, but now check out my photos on

Here’s the link to it-

Happy Accidents

One of my favorite cameras (film) is the Holga. It’s a very cheaply constructed all plastic camera, even the lens is plasitc. They cost around $20. It’s considered a toy camera, mainly because they you can’t expect good photos from it… good being getting controlled expected photos. They come out with different results all the time, having light leak in through where the film is and putting odd streaks on the film. It also gives a surrealistic look with a heavy vignette (dark corners). Each photo came out like a piece of art.

These days with perfect technology in digital photography you don’t get these “artsy” results. …but I’ve done it (hipster applause)!! All you have to do is somehow corrupt your memory card. Usually this would make a professional photographer cry and freak out. Now you don’t want this to happen all the time, but if you were shooting something that you could redo it’s no big deal.

So I was shooting Corey Smith a couple years ago during Neoproto’s “Some Kinda Life”, while he was jumping off a cliff and purposely landing on the bottom of the cliff’s rock as a landing (he was way before his time with these stunts). Luckily I was shooting a sequence with a very fast motordrive, which got me about 24 frames of the trick. I submitted all the shots to Transworld and they wanted to run the sequence. They informed me that one shot was corrupt (bad), but it was ok since they only wanted about 16 of the shots and it would look smooth. They ended up running a 2 page spread of it in the December 2005 issue.

Here is the corrupt file. I’m actually excited with the way it came out, since you wouldn’t usually go into Photoshop and create something like this. It’s basically a happy accident, a total piece of abstract art.