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The Real Video ‘Since Day One’ Pre-Order

The Real Video is coming out in early April, and we’ll be pre-ordering 30 copies of the video.  If you don’t already know, The Real Video features full parts from some of skateboardings best like Busenitz, Ramondetta, Chima, Brock, Schaaf, Torres, and more.  This video even has two ridiculous vert parts. You NEVER see anything like this anymore. So, do yourself a favor and pick this up. Plus, 2 lucky pre-orders will win 2 free REAL decks signed by Peter Ramondetta and Dennis Busenitz!!

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All Pre-Orders will also receive a coupon for $5.00 off your next purchase of any ‘Since Day One’ REAL  Skateboard deck!


Orisue Clothing now available at Active

“A piece of paper is plain and dimensionless.  By carefully following a series of precise folds, that piece of paper transforms into a three dimensional work of art and craftsmanship.  The finished product reveals itself as more than just art, but as a physical manifestation of the creator’s self-expression and individuality.  Once known as Orisue, this craft is now commonly known as Origami.  Orisue applies this methodology into a similar, yet unique medium of expression-clothing.  Similar to paper, fabric is plain until it is birthed with design, color, and stitching.  Once these features are meticulously applied to fabric, the fabric takes life becoming its own, revealing the creator’s lifestyle and individualism.  Rather than confining itself to any one facet of life, Orisue is inspired by life’s many positive elements-the expression of affection, hard work, perseverance through adversity, and struggle.  While Orisue reflects its creators, it strives to embrace and represent the diverse lifestyle of individuals who make life interesting for all of us”!


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The Hundreds X Garfield Shoe

If you remember awhile back we did a post on The Hundreds x Garfield collab. If you don’t remember, then take a look HERE. We wanted to show you the fresh Johnson Mids that came out of this collab. They have the same features as the Johnson Mid with the classic black/orange colorway. Keep an eye out, these will be dropping soon!

Johnson Mid

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Introducing Benny Gold


Benny Gold is the newest brand to be carried at Active Ride Shop. If you haven’t heard about them thus far, we’ll let you know what’s up.  So take a guess…who would work to climb the corporate ladder for numerous years, then decided that he needed to reclaim his creative freedom by creating one of the best new brands out?…….. BENNY of course! Inspired by the mantra, “Stay Gold“, Benny started out with an idea and a sticker that eventually became Benny Gold. With the backing of  SF heads including Ryen and Mike from Atlas Skateboarding, Daren from Deluxe (Real Skateboards, Spitfire and Thunder Trucks) and Matt from HUF (all in the picture above) you know this brand is going places. Check out some of their products below, and scope out all their items online. For more info on Benny Gold check out this hypebeast article here.



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The Hundreds X Garfield Collab

The Hundreds are known for their collabs, whether it’s with Disney, Diamond, 10 Deep, or any other company. This collab is no different. The people at the The Hundreds have made some legit tees, beanies, hats, sweaters, and more with everyone’s favorite comic strip character…Garfield. Below is a sneek peek at some of the logos they have created.  We should be getting these sometime in mid November, so stay posted!!



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Nike SB Zoom Koston One Shoe Preview

The Nike SB Zoom Koston One is one of the most anticipated shoes that Nike has released in quite some time. This shoe features a full suede upper, simple design, and simple colorway. The best part about this shoe is that it is 100% built for skateboarding. The shoe features a Lunarlon Heelcup that will help with comfort and usability. This means that you won’t be getting any more heel bruise with these on. The comfort, style, and technology are second to none.



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Emerica Stay Gold Review

The Emerica Stay Gold Video is nothing short of amazing. In case you don’t already know, the video features Jerry Hsu, Leo Romero, Heath Kirchart, Andrew Reynolds, Braydon Szafranski, Brandon Westgate, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman, Jamie Tancoqny, Aaron Suski, and Active riders Justin Figueroa and Collin Provost. Every part in this video is sick, but Leo Romero’s and Andrew Reynolds’ parts are way beyond that. The DVD also comes with over 45 minutes of bonus footage and includes insight into Ed Templeton’s photography over the past 15 years, and a piece on Andrew Reynolds’ Stay Gold part. This video is by far the video of the year, and one that you must see! Also included are hidden Heath Kirtchart and The Barrier Kult sections!


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Vans E-Street Shoe

The Vans E-street shoes consist of comfortable, surf-inspired, and eco-conscious shoes. Each pair features a super soft midsole, rubber outsole, and 100% hemp upper.  They are also made using long-lasting water-based inks and glues. Even though these shoes are surf-inspired don’t let them fool you. They have direct lineage to some of Vans’ best skate shoes and they will be perfect for skating. Check them out below…



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Nike SB Stefan Janoski Black Mint – Sneak Peek

Nike SB is taking the new Stefan Janoski shoe to the “Tiffany Diamond” Black/Mint colorway. The shoe features a suede upper with a stitched swoosh and a vulcanized sole. The stitching is in the “Tiffany” color with a mint outsole as well. These shoes are fire! Check them out…what do you think about them?

These will be released in August 2010 and available right here at Active Ride Shop.


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