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All Those Who Wander Art Show @ Active Long Beach

“All Those Who Wander” art show happened last Saturday @ Active Long Beach, showcasing the works of Boramie Sao, Miranda Conway, Nathalie Star, & Danica Durant. Tons of art observing, eating, drinking, dancing was involved! And on the top of that, special performances from Tess Shapiro, Sunset Cannons, & The Blackfeet Braves.

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Active Skate Night @ Black Box Dist.

Active Army Riders & Shop Employees gathered up for a skate night at Black Box Distribution. The guys at Black Box hooked everybody up with a box of free gear, pizzas, and if you were over 21, free PBR’s. Locals such as Jimmy Carlin, Trevor Colden, & Sean Sheffey were also in the park. Thanks Black Box for a good sesh!
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WYSIWYG Premier!… 02.17.12 *UPDATE!*

Previously titled “In Memoriam”, WYSIWYG is a skate film by Transworld intern, Brian Hunter featuring some of the Active Army riders from the Norco shop. You’ll be guaranteed a good flick with names like John Drinkard, Jeremy Leabres, Mike Aguirre, Matt Miskell, Shu Sakamoto, Raymond Reyes, Taylor Von Winckelmann, Braxton Powers, & Forrest Edwards. What You See Is What You Get!!!…

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