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#GEOSWAG Launching Right Now

Twitter, everyone from Oprah to Obama is talking about it. It’s basically just listening to what other people have to say. Well, we here at Active actually found a good use for Twitter, we came up with a new program called GEOSWAG.

GEOSWAG is the greatest thing ever. Basically we give you free stuff. Here’s how it works:

1. Follow Active Ride Shop on Twitter:

2. Every so often, we will post a a message on Twitter with the tag #GEOSWAG, when you see that tag,  be the first to respond to the clue, and get something free. It’s that simple. We’re not talking about free stickers, we’re talking free skateboards.

We got the idea from a popular nerd activity called GeoCaching, read all about it here

Our Definition of GEOSWAG : GEO – Meaning having to do with location somewhere on Earth (usually Active store locations) . SWAG is an acronym for Stuff We All Get

Learn more about Twitter


6/25/09 4:21 PM Congrats to the first GEOSWAG winner on his brand new Active skateboard!


Justin Figueroa and the K.O. Crew Interview

Check out this video Erica Yary shot while we were shooting our last magazine ad. Look for the ad in this month’s Bliss magazine. (There are lots of secrets, and discounts in the ad)

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Eric Koston is on Nike SB


It’s official, this just came across the wire:

10 June 2009

For Immediate Release:

Nike Skateboarding welcomes Eric Koston to the team!

2009 is shaping up to be the busiest summer ever for Nike SB, but simply put, any time is a good time to add Eric Koston to your team.

Eric had this to say:
“Not only am I psyched to be a part of the great group of guys that makes up the Nike SB team, but I’m equally as excited to work with them creatively. I’m sure many people know that a lot of different Nike’s have been the inspiration for my shoe designs over the last 12 years, so I feel like a fucking kid in a candy store when it comes to this partnership between Nike and I.”

More news to follow as it happens, talk amongst yourselves….

Fabolous Throw it in the Bag

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Check out the new Fabolous video for the song, Throw it in the Bag. I usually wouldn’t review a song like this, but check out the Active Shine On Trucker Hat he’s rocking for the entire song. I think it he’s trying to tell you to go to Active, get a bunch of stuff, and throw it in the bag. Make sure you pay for it before you walk out though. Thanks Fabolous. Yep, that’s my review of this song.

Active Shine on Hat

Zoom Stefan Janoski SB

The Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski SB shoes are here. Nike SB introduces only its second addition to the SB pro shoe family and one of the few shoes they make with a vulcanized sole. Stefan says he stayed away from a lot of excess padding around the toes & heels, keeping it as minimal as possible without hurting your feet. Check out the commercial & pick up a pair from Active here!

Ohh yeah… & they’ll improve your switch skating!


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What Shoe Company Will Eric Koston Skate for Next?

By now you know that it’s official, our friend Eric Koston won’t be skating in Lakai’s anymore. But which shoes will he be skating next? That’s the question that the skate world has been buzzing about for the last couple weeks. Here’s is your chance to vote for which shoe company he’ll be on next..and then talk amongst yourselves below in the comments.


– Eric has been seen hanging out with Sole Technology executive, Don Brown….could it be Etnies or even his OG skater boots, ES?

– Eric is close friends with Tim Gavin (who is a partner in DVS). Could Koston go to DVS and help one of the best shoe brands get back to the top?

– Eric has been known for rocking both Nike and Vans in the past. Both Nike and Vans are printing cash and could afford to pay the best of the best. Will he follow his heart and step back into his personal favorites?

– Eric has a reputation for making good business decisions. Could it be the start of a new shoe brand and skateboard revolution?

What shoe company will Eric Koston skate for next?

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The Greatest Album Cover Ever

b0dfe03ae7a0726752cdb110l In today’s digital music world, one of the things I miss the most is appreciating great album art. We used to walk up and down the aisles in record stores and pickup CD’s or albums that caught our eye. Now, we click the download button and never have the feeling of physically holding the music in our hands. Technology is awesome, don’t get me wrong in fact, I’m currently listening to a mix station on Pandora of only music that I like.  The future is here, and for the most part it makes things better. But just look at this album cover 1998’s release from  Big Bear called, “Doin Thangs.” I haven’t listend to anything from Big Bear, and I never will. No sound in this universe could ever live up to this cover.

Eric Koston Off Lakai

Eric Koston is officially off Lakai Footwear. I just saw this on Watch the video, it shows Koston saying the words himself. Wait….Lakai promoting a video on their site of Koston quitting their team?  Something’s rotton in Denmark. Maybe Koston on a new Lakai spinoff company? Maybe Koston to DVS ? Maybe it’s real. Maybe the fact that I’m writing about it is playing right into their plans. They are up to something. More to come. Talk amongst yourselves.

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New Wolfmother Song BACK ROUND

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I’ve been listening to this new Wolfmother song called “Back Round.” It sounds a lot like the Wolfmother that I fell in love with a couple years ago, but missing something. I did a bit of Googling and discovered the band is now two original members lighter. The only remaining founding member is singer, Andrew Stockdale. The song has a lot of Wolfmother’s signature guitar heavy riffs but somehow sounds a little less Sabbath and a little more White Stripes. I’m not saying the song is bad, it just isn’t affecting me like the first album did. 2006’s “Minds Eye” had it all,  they painted a great sort of psychadelic, heavy and fantasy world that I haden’t heard in music for a long time. (check out the amazing album cover)

Mind's Eye

The jury is still out on the new material, hoopefully “Back Round” isn’t the best track on the album. You can download the track for free over at