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BFF’s at the TF Video with Malto, Mikey & Manny!

The BFF’s at the TF contest has been over for a while, but with such busy schedules it was hard to get everyone together! Just the other week the winner Manny Guevara and his friend rolled out to Sole Technology to meet up with Sean Malto and Mikey Taylor to skate the Training Facility and grab a bunch of free Etnies gear. Congrats to Manny Guevara and check out the video!

Video: Erik Bragg

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Which One’s Ping? Art Show Video!

Check out the video from the evening of art insanity and ping pong debacle that went down a couple weeks ago! It features all the original art from the show and oh so much more. Don’t forget to check out the posting of the art show that’s up on the Fecal Face website too!

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Elwood “Dressin’ for Recession” Tour Video


The Elwood Team recently has a couple tours they called ‘Dressin’ for Recession’ and they spotlighted the talents of Dan Drehobl, Silas Baxter Neil, Kenny Anderson, Vincent Alvarez, Dan Plunkett, Nate Broussard, and more. They also put together an awesome video montage for everyone to feast their eyes on. Check out the Tour Video Online NOW!

Garrett and Gantry Hill – Digicam Part 5

Active Riders and blood brother skateboarding duo Garrett and Gantry Hill just put up a new digicam montage just recently and we thought we’d share it with you… Enjoy.

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Toy Machine Halloween Demo

Toy Machine Halloween Demo

Come Celebrate Halloween with Toy Machine and Active!

Saturday, October 31st, 2009 – 1pm
Active Long Beach
7585 Carson Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90808

Toy Machine Team Demo Featuring: Ed Templeton, Austin Stephens, Leo Romero, Nick Trapasso, Billy Marks, Johnny Layton, Matt Bennett, Josh Harmony, Jordan Taylor, and Marquis Preston

Come in your costumes and the Toy Machine Team will pick their favorite costume of the day to win a Toy Machine package!

Which One’s Ping? Art Show & Party Photos!

Todd Bratrud Paddles

Check out the photos from the Which One’s Ping? Art Show we had last Thursday at Krochet Kids HQ in Costa Mesa. Colt 45 came through with a ton of beer and we even had a ton of free Sake for everyone. Todd Bratrud, Eric McHenry, Ed Templeton, Deanna Templeton, Lance Mountain, Michael Hsiung, Russ Pope, Tristan Ellis, Danielle Hassan, Corey Cady, Deluxe Artists, Chris Pastras among others all painted ping pong paddles and also displayed original artwork and a few of them even did installations for the show on the walls. The place was packed and our friend Kohl from Krochet Kids ended up winning the Ping Pong Tournament and the surfboard that went along with it! Thanks to everyone involved; Ambiguous, Krochet Kids and all the Artists!

Check out these different sites for more photos:


Fisheye Photos from the show

Ambiguous’ Video of the event

Ambiguous’ Photos of the event

DailyDuJour Photos

Eric McHenry’s Website

Krochet Kids Art Show Coverage

Old Friend Fox – BLOG’s Photo Coverage

Russ Pope Installation Video

Photos Below: Mikal Howard

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Crossroads and ASR Photos!

Crossroads and ASR were both last week and tons of people showed up to Crossroads to be a part of the event and to bro down in the name of skateboarding. Jamie Thomas and Black Box played host to Crossroads again and it seems that this new show will only grow more and more throughout the coming years which is great. Check out the photos from both events and we will see you all next time!

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Daryl Angel Blogs – Europe to Portland

Active Rider Daryl Angel sent me some photos much like Chris Haslam did recently to show you what he’s been up to. Within the last month or so, Daryl went on a two week camping trip all throughout Europe with the Habitat Team. The RV trip started in Frankfurt and ended in Berlin. Shortly after he returned from the Euro trip, he shot over to Portland for another one week camping trip again with his Habitat comrades. Peep the photos of everyone from Silas Baxter Neil, Reda, Marius Syvanen and more.

Thanks for the photos Daryl!

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Chris Haslam – New Zealand Trip Photos

Chris Haslam and a handful of other skaters including Active Pro Kenny Anderson, Cairo Foster, Keegan Sauder, and more went on a trip to New Zealand not too long ago and biked over 300 miles! Chris sent me some photos that he is allowing me to share with the world. Hopefully he will send me photos more often since he is the ultimate world traveler and all.

Chris is currently in Berlin, so if you spot him out there tell him ‘Greetings from America!’

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