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Burton presents The Active Brodown Showdown Sunday April 17th

This Sunday Burton Snowboards have teamed up with Active Ride Shop to bring the Brodown Showdown to Mammoth Mountain Resort. With over $5000 in cash and prizes on the line, the competition should be intense. Registration will be held at the chair 4 parking lot from 8-9:30am. Entry Fee is $35 and is limited to the first 100 so get there early, there will also be a discount lift tickets for all competitors as well. Active Brodown Showdown presented by Burton Snowboards

Sponsor Me Contest

This past Sunday marked the 10 year anniversary for the Active Sponsor Me Contest held at Mountain High Resorts. It seem like just yesterday that we held the first one at Bear Mountain back in 2001, we at Active are so grateful to have the support of the competitors and our sponsors for this event. For this year’s Sponsor Me contest we tried to incorporate all aspects of park riding with Jumps, rails and boxes and even a half pipe feature. The Competition was pretty intense with over 70 competitors putting it on the line for a chance to win a 1 year rep rider contract from our title sponsors. In the end local boy Brandon Simon can out victorious, with Jeremy Estagay from Mammoth coming in a close second. Thank you to Rome Snowboards, 32 Boots, Vestal, Neff, Skull Candy, Jarritos and of course Mountain High Resorts for helping put this event together. Check back next week for the video.

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Active’s 9th Annual Sponsor Me Contest

This last Sunday Active Ride Shop hosted the 9th Annual Sponsor Me Contest. The event was created to give up and coming riders a platform to showcase their talents and potentially get sponsored by the top snow brands in our Industry. Mountain High park staff built an amazing course that included a 35 ft Step down, a school yard down rail, and even had a one hitter in the half pipe. The event climaxed with the Sponsor Me Finals, which had the top 10 kids competing for the top spot. It was a close final, but young Patrick Kennedy edged out Utah ripper Jesse Ramirez with a tribute move to Ben Hinkley; the double front flip. Thanks again to Rome Snowboards, 32 boots, Vestal, VZ, Neff, Jarritos and of course Mt High and USASA staff for making this event possible. See you next year!

1st Patrick Kennedy
2nd Jesse Ramirez
3rd Justin Rightsell
Nathaniel Kennedy

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Videograss is [email protected]

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This for me is one of the most anticipated movies this winter. There is a consensus among peers that videos now days lack substance. The boys at videograss want to bring it back to the beginning, and focus on the snowboarding. No helicopters, no million dollar budgets no bad acting, just snowboarding in it’s rawest form. These guys are doing it on their own terms, if you like it, rad, if not, well they really do not care

Summertime Disco with DJ Mike Bles

Active family member DJ Mike Bles sent us over one of his new mixes titled the “Summertime Disco” mix. He’s been busy DJing clubs and events all over southern California for the last year and is about to get busy rockin’ the ESPY awards, Agenda Tradeshow and the U.S Open of Surfing in HB for Skullcandy. His new mix should get you moving wether your chillin’ by the pool or sitting in some L.A or O.C traffic. Be on the lookout for him this summer at a club near you. You can download his mix here:

Download Link:

“You So Crazy Mr. Lay”

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It’s good to see that real men wear zinka….Dane Kunze making it look so casual at 172 ft.  for your viewing pleasure!

Day in the Life Part Tres.

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We are sad to say that this is the final installment of “The Day in The Life” of Josh Sherman. One question, who’s the hot babe that was interviewing you? Anyways, thanks for the support Josh, you the man.

Ingemar Who???

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Hey kids pull out your notebooks and start taking notes.  Lesson 1 how to hit a massive quarter pipe going mach 10 down a sketchy runway and launch one of the biggest backside airs i have seen to date….hats off to you Ingemar Backman.

Josh Sherman Part Deuce..Coming in Hot.

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Check out the Day in the life part two of Pro Snowboarder Josh Sherman.  I swear kids these days, can’t keep their hands off each others junk.  Note to self, make sure and send Josh a new pair  of shades.  Stay tuned for part three, you won’t be disappointed.

Selling Ice Blocks To Eskimos

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I don’t think anyone will argue that the snowboard business in Southern California is a roll of the dice. The seasons seem to be shifting later and later and now with the economic downturn it would seem that you would have a better chance making money selling ice blocks to eskimos. So here is my solution if we want to keep snowboarding alive in Southern California, I propose that the snowboard industry come together and pool there resources to build an indoor snowboard park. Yes i know that it can be argued that it was attempted before (Gotcha Glacier) but that’s the problem with our mind sets over here, we always want to make it bigger and better, which intern means more money and more delays. Europe and Asia have had indoor facilities for years now and they have somehow figured out how to do it, as you can see in the video above. Just think about all the new participants that we can bring into the sport which means more apparal and hardgood sales. Also this means retailers can sell product year around now as opposed to trying to cram everything into a one month window before having to blow it all out at 50% off. So if anyone out there has some money lying around, that sees the potential in this, grab your check book and lets do it!

Japan figured it out...a century ago.
Japan figured it out...a century ago.

Day in the Life Part 1: Josh Sherman

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Josh Sherman is half man half amazing, or should I say half the size of a man and half amazing. Anyways Josh is one hell of a snowboarder and we are proud to have him a part of our active family. Check out the Day in the life of Josh….maybe someday kids you too can be this amazing.  Be sure to check back for Part 2!

What the World Needs Now is Oliver Bacharach

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At 16 year’s old, Oliver Bacharach is one to watch. This young buck has been competing on the TTR and Grand Prix’s this year and has been posting results. It’s refreshing to see a grom that has a well rounded skill set. Thanks for the support Oliver! Click the photo to see his latest footage.


“A Snowboard Contest” at Mountain High


Finalist Matt Ybarra getting a different perspective on the world!

Oh what a day for a snowboard contest!  On Saturday Active hosted “A Snowboard Contest”, this was an attempt to bring the fun back into contests…and judging by the looks on the kids faces, it worked.  Mountain High did a great job putting together an amazing course with a couple rails, the Comune gap and a rather interesting booter!  The action was non stop with 3 divisions(Mens, Womens, And Grom) all chasing after a spot in the finals. Thanks to Signal Snowboards, Smith Optics, Comune, Flux Bindings, Vestal watches and of course Mountain High for their support of  “A Snowboard Contest”!  Check the photos from the event.


Mikey Radziwon Men’s Open Winner…keepin it tight…like his pants!


Dom working through the kinks


Robert Engelstad stayed consistent all day long to take 3rd in the Men’s Open


Finalist Ian Dodds(AKA Mini Jed) tail pressin it out.


Women’s Open Winner Jamie Madrid holding it down


Levi Kaseroff 2nd place Grom Division


Super Grom Breaking out of Jail


Dom Edwards claiming his prize for the Smith High Ollie Contest!


Mens Open L)1st place Mikey Radziwon M) 2nd place Dom Edwards R)Robert Engelstad


Grom Division  R) 1st place Christian Koppen L) 2nd place Levi Kaseroff


Women’s Open  L) 2nd Place Kristna Soriano R) 1st place Jamie Madrid


Best Trick Winner Brendon Simons  -Gap 270 on the down flat down


Matt Davis…Comune rep/underwear model,  showing the competitors how to send it!