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Behind the Spring 2012 Catalog!

What we have here is a behind the scenes look at the new Spring 2012 Active Ride Shop catalog! Featuring Active Team Riders Chris Gregson holding down Washington St, Josh Reyes killing the Pomona Valley, Jeremy Leabres fucking up the IE, and Anthony Pshebelski smashing shit as usual. We’ve always been doing it and still gonna make it happen! Filmed/Edited by the amazing Marque Cox. Enjoy!

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Eswic Clothing is comin in hot!


Be on the look out for Eswic Clothing in 2012! Eswic is a new apparel brand headed up by Jimmy Arrighi (formerly at RVCA) and Leo Romero. The brand recently released this promo team video featuring Leo Romero, Ed Templeton, Cairo Foster, James Hardy, Stevie Perez, Donovon Piscopo and Active Am Dakota Servold! Look for Eswic to hit Active locations Spring/Summer 2012.

Heel Bruise x Stussy Under the Radar

This past Monday night, two of our brand partners- Stussy, and Heel Bruise came together in Las Vegas to create a photo exhibition titled- “Under the radar”. This show featured works by Ray Barbee, Robbie Jeffers, Curtis Buchanan, and Devin Briggs. I had the pleasure of attending this event, and I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations. The photos in the show were not only eye pleasing, they also had strong skateboard nostalgia presence, as there were classic photos of- Andy Roy, Jason Dill, and Richard Mulder. The Beer and rum was flowing, and there were good homies everywhere you looked , which made for an all around good time.

Thanks to Stussy and Heel Bruise for giving us the chance to attend such an amazing event.











* Words by Joey Coleman, photo’s by Morgnar

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Rook. The Age Of A New Breed.

Rook is pretty new brand that is quickly building momentum in the underground/streetwear/lifestyle scene. They believe in the underdogs of the industry, the young entrepreneur and more importantly, they believe in themselves.

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing this brand everywhere in the next few years… Rook is definitely the age of a new breed.




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Matix X Diamond Collab

Matix & Diamond have teamed up again to bring you a new collection of items by Jeron Wilson. Matix and Diamond both make very clean and very functional clothing, with the years of experience behind Matix and the hype that surrounds Diamond, you know these signature pieces are going to be in high demand! Get ’em while you can…






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Active Socks Review

There’s nothing like a good pair of socks. I mean, comfort and fit are one thing…but style and look are also important. Long gone are the limited choices of white or black. Nowadays it’s all about stripes, colors, and patterns.

Lucky for you Active makes socks that are not only stylish, but are amazingly comfortable! And at only $5.99 (or 3 for $12.99) you can’t really go wrong…

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