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The Osiris D3 2001

osiris-d3The current trend in skate footwear is toward the lightest, vulcanized, no-frills shoe. At the turn of the millennium, however, the pendulum swung the opposite way. People were stuffing extra tongues into their shoes to fatten them up, and shoe companies were slapping on all kinds of “features” onto their kicks which only increased their weight and uselessness. In the late 1990s to early 2000s, you could pick up a shoe with one or all of the following features: stash pockets, double shoelaces à la L.A. Gear, velcro strips to fasten the hem of your compatible SAG (Smolik Action Gear) warmup pants to, multiple air bubbles, triple-thick ollie pads with quadruple stitching, and more “innovations” worthy of a facepalm.

d3sThe crowning achievement of this era is the Osiris D3 2001. It may not have all the features above, but it was pretty much the antithesis of the modern skate shoe. One D3 weighs as much as a pair of Half Cabs, and the lacing system makes baby Jesus cry — especially with the double lace option. The D3 was designed by Dave Mayhew, who skates exactly like you would imagine the designer of this shoe to. Lots of crazy tech tricks with awkward knock-knee landings in the middle of his board. Apparently, the original D3 wasn’t selling that well, but the updated D3 2001 took off like Lizard King’s popularity. 8 years ago, stores couldn’t keep them on the shelves. It wasn’t TK Supra-level pandemonium, but most colorways sold out really quick and could be seen on demographics from toddlers to grandparents. How or why, we will never know. I just hope Mayhew and Chet Thomas are chillin’ on a private island somewhere from shoe sales, filming the best 411 Chaos section imaginable.

Here’s an interesting quote from Skateboarder:
“The heads at Osiris will think twice the next time they contemplate discontinuing a sleepy seller. When Dave Mayhew wanted large lace loops for his third pro model, the folks at Osiris were less than optimistic about the samples. The D3 was very technical, bulky and the lace loops made it look awkward. It sold decently the first year, but sales began to dwindle. Six years later something inexplicable happened. “We were just about to pull the shoe from the line,” owner Tony Magnusson remembers, “when it took off like a friggin’ rocket.” The updated D3 2001 is rumored by many accounts to be the best selling pro-model skate shoe of all time”. –

Discuss below your all-time least favorite skate shoes.

The Wallenberg Four

In anticipation of Thrasher’s “Back to the Berg” contest (5/30/09), let’s reminisce the history of the huge San Francisco 4-stair.


Back in 1991, Mark Gonzales ollied Wallenberg in Blind’s Video Days. That’s 18 years ago for all you math wizards. The stairs became a staple in skate videos throughout the early-mid 90s, with most people opting to skate the set sideways and use the stairs as ledges.

Since then, a lot of big names have landed their signature tricks down it. Andrew Reynolds frontside flipped and backside flipped it, and Chris Cole 360 flipped it. In 2004, Thrasher held a contest called “High Noon at the Big Four” where lots of hammers went down, including Reynolds’ frontside flip.

Here’s a list of notable tricks done down Wallenberg:

  • Mark Gonzales – ollie (1991)
  • Diego Bucchieri – backside 180 ollie (1998)
  • Danny Gonzalez – kickflip melon (1999)
  • Frank Gerwer – kickflip (2002)
  • Tony Manfre – switch ollie (2002)
  • Tony Manfre – switch frontside 180 (2003)
  • Steve Nesser – pop shove-it (2004)
  • Darrell Stanton – switch backside 180 ollie (2004)
  • Andrew Reynolds – frontside 180 kickflip (2004)
  • Lindsey Robertson – heelflip (2004)
  • Chris Cole – 360 Flip (2005)
  • Jeremy Reeves – pop shove-it melon (2007)
  • Andrew Reynolds – backside 180 kickflip (2007
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Wallenberg map and info
Vote for the trick Furby should try

Which tricks do you want to see go down the Wallenberg four?

Active Ams Qualify for X Games

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Active Ams Justin Figueroa aka Figgy, Theotis Beasley, Greg Myers and Brian Hansen aka Slash competed for Active in the Red Bull Shop Challenge Qualifier Round this past Saturday night. The guys did really well and won two rounds of skate jams which gives them a place to skate in the X Games Shop Challenge. They will be competing against three other teams that qualified this year. Last year, Torey Pudwill and Justin Figueroa took home the Gold for the Active team and we’re all hoping to see a repeat! They will be skating pre-X Games Street Finals on August 2nd 2008 so if you’re going to the X Games make sure you cheer on the Active Team!

Kenny Anderson Earth Day – Part 1

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We followed Kenny Anderson and the Elwood Clothing Team around on Earth Day for some good times and great skateboarding. Here’s Part 1 of 2 of ‘Earth Day in the Life of Kenny Anderson’.

Check out Thrasher’s coverage of the day!

Check out’s coverage of the event!

Video: Erik Bragg

Altamont Apparel Welcomes 2 New Riders

Altamont Apparel has picked up Justin Figueroa and Brian “Slash” Hansen as their newest ams, both of whom ride for Active Ride Shop.

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Fallen ‘Ride the Sky’ Trailer

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Check out the trailer for Fallen Footwear’s first full length video ‘Ride the Sky’ that will be premiering soon. The film features Jamie Thomas, Brian Hansen, Billy Marks, Tommy Sandoval, Chris Cole, Josh Harmony, Matt Bennett, Tony Cervantes, Gilbert Crockett and more.More details on premiere dates soon…

Eric Koston Golf Commercial

Check out this video from Spitfire wheels featuring Eric Koston out on the golf course.

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Video: Chino Vs. Chino

Video by Robot Robbie

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?We loaded up the Van with the Chino shop riders, tossed in some of the homies for good measure, and headed down to the Chino Park for a night of hand slappin’, hootin’ & hollerin’! We split the boys into two teams, the black team and the white team. Each team was awarded 1 point for landing a decent trick. I think there was some foul play w/ the scoring! Tell you what; you make your own count of the tricks landed by each team and let us know what really happened!?

Note: The riders are separated by the colors they are wearing: white or black. Whether it’s a tee, bandana, ninja hood, or hanky off the back pocket!?

Video: Active Employees at Black Box

Video by Daniel Haney?

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Our good friends at Black Box Distribution opened up their amazing park for all of the Active employees and riders. This park is a huge dreamscape filled with all the right components to make any skateboard happy and make some skateboarders poopie their pants! Yeah, I said skateboard. They have feeling too you know! Anywho… Black Box’s own Kevin Kosha fit the bill for the most amazing pizza and Haney put together this hear video of all the action! Black Box also threw down a ton of gear for those in attendance and decks for the boys ripping hard throughout the night! Shouts go to Daniel Rodriguez, Saul, Arturo, Dakota, Anthony, and all the rest!! Keep ripping boys and we’ll keep providing the action!!

P.S. The Black Box dudes are the most goodest dudes around!! Thanks again Black Box for sharing what is your daily amazingness!

Video: Black Lips at Active Costa Mesa

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Video: Active Rancho Crew

Here’s a video by Robot Robbie featuring the Active Rancho Cucamonga locals.

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Video: Active Grudge Match 08

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Tony Tave – Switch Backside Tail

Video by Scuba Steve:

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Video: Active Snow Commercial

Active Snow commercial starring Active pros Iikka Backstrom and Lauri Heiskari

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