ASR Tradeshow & Matix Rail Challenge Winner

This past weekend January 20th-22nd ASR San Diego went down like it always does. At ASR you can see everything from bums to 98.3% naked people strutting around shamelessly. I guess ASR wouldn’t have it any other way! You get to check out a ton of booths that are decked out like a Christmas tree. People are there to do work as well as many are there to party, or even lurk. But that’s neither here nor’ there. I took a bunch of photos of some of the people that you may run into if you’re shimmying around the floor of the convention center.

Matix threw a “Rack a Few” Rail Challenge in which people were getting broken off. I too almost got broken off when Terrell Robinson’s board flew at my face while I was sitting on the ground near the landing. I used my cat like reflexes, which means my face is still intact today. Luckily for me Tony E. the Matix Team Manager got the wrath of the board straight to the chest. Needless to say dudes were getting racked left and right. Chris Cole was throwing in back salads back 180 out, Jereme Rogers threw in a back noseblunt, but Gailea Momolu came up on every last penny of the $10,000 with a nollie back biggie to back lip.