ASR Skateboarding Extravaganza

January 25-27 2007- ASR Tradeshow happened this past weekend in San Diego as always and it was a real hoot this time around. Everyone and their baby was at the show and I made sure to snap a photo of everyone I thought those of you looking at this page might want to see, sorry I don’t have any photos of Reef Girls, you can find those on Ellington, Greco and Reynolds had their first booth for Brigada eyewear which they started up recently. Their website will be launching soon: They had these amazing paintings of each of them that they got done in Tijuana (they are posing next to them below). Erik Ellington looks like Axl Rose, Terry Kennedy looks like Lil Wayne and Jim Greco looks like Al Pacino in Scarface. You’ll be seeing those paintings in Brigada Ads soon enough.

Also, incase you didn’t know Pat Duffy has had a bunch of surgery on his leg and he looks like he is doing well. He was walking with a cane but looks healthy and soon he shall skate again. Check out the pics from Tradeshow and the video of Pat Duffy I found on the web of what Duffy’s leg looked like in the midst of surgeries.

Pat Duffy’s Leg Video!