Ask the Pros with Mikey Taylor

UPDATE: Thanks for submitting your questions! Mikey has answered your questions – Part 1 out of 2 HERE

I know you guys have seen DC Pro Mikey Taylor tear up the scene. He’s been killing it at DC Street League and I’m sure you have a ton of questions cooking up. Drop a few questions and he’s going to pick the best ones to answer. We’re going to post a great interview at the end of the month and have a DC prize package to give out to the person with the best question. So STAY TUNED and don’t forget…..ASK AWAY!

All questions must be submitted by July 27th!


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YO, I know I missed the deadline!!!!!!!!!!! but it might be worth the question!

MIKE TAYLOR, in your opinion, what are the few characteristics or mental attitudes that it takes to continually progress at skateboarding without giving into negativity when times are tough and a trick is on the border of possible in your mind???!!!

I’m sure all skaters wanna hear this answer! DC 4 LIFE!!!!!


How many tricks do you think you have popped in your life time? And how many of those do you think you landed?

Your Dc shoe seems pretty similar to the “Chris Cole S”, did his shoe inspire yours or did you both just have a similar idea for making a simple and durable skate shoe?

When are we going to see a tag team rematch of you and Paul vs. The Jefferson Twins?

I feel like my tricks don’t mean anything after I film them, how do I make sure what I put out gets seen?

Have you ever considered putting your award winning grin to money making use? Toothpaste commercial maybe?

Where is your favorite place to skateboard in the whole world? And when did or do you skate there?:)

Everyday I go out to skate, I have an inspiration, I mean, sometimes I see videos of X-Games, or Street videos of people doing skateboard, maybe listen some music, I love music, even on grey days I go to a skatepark if I can just to pass the day skating alone maybe, I mean, during your 14-17 years, wich were your inspirations when going out? And weren’t you worried about getting robbed? Because nowadays I got robbed, I mean, I lost 2 decks by someone who came across with a gun and tell me to gave him everything, it’s what nowadays happens, and it is horrible.
Thanks Mikey! You are awesome, you are too one of my inspiration of some skate days, keep doing what you do. Hope you answer, it would be such a dream, thanks.

How do I go about getting stuff signed by you or other DC skaters for a group home I run for youth just transitioning out of jail into society? We run a after school program building skateboards for boys and girls needing activitys to keep them on the straight and narrow and in our state the funding for these programs are at a huge low!

Who are the skaters you most looked up to growing up and has that changed at all and if so how and why ?

What was the defining moment that you realized you would go pro? Was there a trick that you landed that made you say, “this is it!” ?

if you had the opportunity to doubleteam active erica who’s talent would you request?

What is your favorite part in a skate video and who influences you the most with your skating?

your pretty much my favourite skater and what has been your biggest highlight in your skating career?

Today’s society seems to be getting worse and worse as kids are choosing wrong choices. Do you plan on using your fame to make an impact in this world? (Such as Rob Dydrek, with his Safe Spot Skate Spot)