Ask the Pros with Marc Johnson

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You know what time it is? It’s time to ask Marc Johnson your questions! His favorite question will win you some cool Matix gear and be sure to have your questions submitted by May 17th. THE QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL 5/21.


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Is it easier to be a more simple skater and just do easier tricks and harder tricks as well or to be a hardcore skater do the most unrealistic tricks and landing them ? and is it easier to skate loose,medium,or tight trucks ?

so what are you going to be doing different in battle at the berrics 3 this time so you can win it all? or are you going to take it easy like last time?

As we through the years, we all have certain eras of sk8in that are better than others. What era of your sk8ing do you feel were the best/most fun, and why??

Hey man. As a human and not a Marc Johnson, how do you feel about being stuck on a ball floating around in the middle of nowhere? Also, I’m told by many adamant preteens that every cigarette I smoke flushes exactly seven minutes of my life down the toilet. They expect an answer and I never have one. Do you?

What was your favorite trick you have ever done? As in, which made you feel the most accomplished after rolling away?

What was ur first board? if u remember.. and who was ur first and favorite sponsor?…cause from my view everyones first board is always


Hey Marc have you ever thought about getting a tattoo of a dude mowing your pubes and leaving half shaved at all times?

Anyway my actual question is if you had three boards on a cliff, one being a chocolate with a crack, another being a maple in perfect condition, and the last being a girl with a chip on the nose, and none of the boards were yours but u could only save one to use for the next week, which one would you save and why?

Hey Marc I have recently been reading Bob Frissels first book “Nothing In This Book Is True But It Is Exactly The Way Things Are” and was curious if you have been able to activate your own Merkaba and achieve a higher level of consciousness? I have not finished the book yet but I am finding it very interesting the only thing I am left wondering is where did Frissel do his fact checking? Because some of what he says seems completely off the wall. Thanks

what do you think about the shane o’neill video? do you like the idea of pros putting out individual parts without company involvement and if you had the opportunity would you ever make a part like that?

Do you have any regrets about the years you spent on the Lakai video or was it all worth it in the end?

if you had to pick just one spot to skate for the rest of your life what would it be?

Yooo marc! aight so heres my question its nice and deep (thats what she said). How has skateboarding changed your life since you started? Like, have you always been skateboarding, did you ever have a backup plan if it fel through, sstuff like that. Stay sic dude!!! you shred! peace

Marc do you remember some time in the late 90’s when you did a pictorial for a annual skateboarding magazine whose name eludes me? I think it was the second issue and toward the back there was one page with nine or ten pictures of you. You were adorned in various gangster accessories like gold fronts and I think a bandanna or a 40 oz. Also there were speech bubbles next to you saying stuff like “I putz the chrome to ya dome buck! buck!”, and other thuggish references. Do you remember this or will you possibly acknowledge it’s existence? I still laugh about this once in awhile and I wish I could find that magazine.