Ask The Pros with Guy Mariano

7/12 UPDATE – Thanks everyone for you questions! Sorry for the delay… but Guy has been super busy lately. But rest assured, your questions are being answered real soon!

That’s right kiddos… we have GIRL‘s very own Guy Mariano in the hot seat this month!! Guy has been around for quite a while, so I’m sure everyone has a lot of questions… so hurry up! Submit your questions by June 18th.


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what new tricks have you been working on? You were so ahead of your time when you were a kid, Im just imagining you getting back to that now

ewww. gross. skeightbording made me loose my gf. she is now dating a jock named thomas guide. it sux. it made me want to “its always sunny in philadelphia.” witch is a grate television show. but anyways i need some help

I remember watching your E’pically latter’d bit and you girlfriend described you as coming back with Jesus feet.

If you had to pick any member of the Girl/Chocolate family to wash your feet who would it be?

Would you ever make a lakai sandal pro model? I hear the decipal look is coming back ….. maybe

Hey Guy, who helped you the most when you were down? And what would you do when you were injured to keep your mind off things?

How have your relationships changed both in and out of skating after removing drugs and alcohol? I find it really inspirational and touching that your girlfriend stuck by you through all the sketchy moments, did skaters do the same, and have you reformed relationships you lost because of your previous lifestyle?

What has it been like being a part of two of the most monumental skateboard videos of all time, video days, and fully flared, What is your best and worst memory from both experiences and how do they differ?

As we all know you been throw son problems but what i want to know is what did you think while you were in your rehabilitation, did you thought about skateboarding?

Guy I noticed that say “You know what I mean” allot so I was just curious what do you mean?

Hey Guy I have heard you say that you can’t tre flip the way that you would like to, I am in the exact same boat. The way that I have decided to deal with it is to just say screw it, who needs em leave it to people like Mo to do them, I was just curious if you felt the same way?

Hi guy,
how are you feeling today?
you are a truly talented skateboarder. you rip man.
i just wanted to ask you, do you have any influences, not for your skating, but in your overall bieng, the way you live your life
wel, thats all i wanted to ask.

keep your head up guy
take it easy, peace.

take it easy man, peace.

yo guy im a big fan and i want to ask in the blind day vid u had shorts on to the whole vid only in your last trick the board slide on the handrail u wear pants and were u happy after that or were u asking someone if they saw u land it