Ask Mike Vallely YOUR Questions…

Mike Vallely

Mike Vallely is the next skater who is going to answer YOUR questions about whatever you’d like to get answered. If you’re lucky, he’ll pick your question and answer it for you right here on You have until March 16th to get your questions in and we will post the video of Mike’s answers soon thereafter.

Mike V will pick his favorite question and that person will win an Element package!

**Make sure you submit your correct email address, as to be notified if you are the winner**

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Do not lose the beard or hair. I wish Revolution Mother would tour. I think you are incredibly hot. That is all.

Hey mike you the element team, and revolution mother should come to illinois man come to johnsburg and i will defenitely go to your show i live on the border of foxlake and johnsburg but i have skated all over johnsburg in my ten years of skating, and you, muska, bam, nyjah, an levi are the gnarliest skaters on element. oh and maybe email me and maybe just maybe send me some free gear because my board is waterlogged and standing in the middle of it makes it crease down which is really disappointing my email is [email protected]

I have been skateboarding for ten years now in crappy ass illinois and I have seen some of your old footage from when you were on powell, and world industries, and it was the gnarliest **** ever. You, chris cole, the old zephyr team, tony hawk, and rodney mullen have been the biggest influences on skateboarding ever so I just wanna know what were your influences as you were growing up?


HI MIKE how is the ELEMENT team going.I would realy like to be on your team but I need to get a higher ollie. Right now I can ollie but not very much but I will soon.Mabe if I get a higher ollie could I be on the team.PLEASE.And I am still tring to kickflip.When I can I will write you back and mabe I can be on the team.Thanks MIKE YOUR THE BEST.

how high can you ollie.Can you ollie the world record.ow and one more thing could I have your E-MAIL.thanks MIKE YOUR THE BEST SKATER I knonw.

I just bought a flying V black guitar. Somebody put an autograph on it. Looks like yours. Did you ever sign a guitar like that before?

yo wassup mike this is OMAR and im a really big fan of you and i just stop by to say wassup

Who is the most influential person in your life? Whats Bams Place like? In a game of Skate who would win, Mike Carrol or Joey Brezenski?

Hey why did you like Mark Gonzales so much?
is he the one who u looked up to in skateboarding?
If Not then who is?

Hey Mike.My Question Is Do You Plan On Touring,Skating,And Playing With Your Band Well Into Your Life Or Do You Think You’ll Soon Choose To Spend More Time Just Kicking Back With Your Family?

Hey Mike! so i noticed in your movie with etnies that you have boxer dogs. So do I. my question is what are your boxers names and are they your favorite breed of dog?

Mike, do you think that you changed skateboarding in anyway with your unique choice of tricks?
I mean, you can make absolutley nothing into a great spot.

hey mike

how do u get that courage and sense of having no fear to do like a large set of stairs?

Mike V,
everytime i watch DRIVE on fuel tv it gives me a feeling that i could literally ride my skateboard around the world and never get tired or bored. you have a great presentation on the show and in any interview. i saw your band live at warped tour orlando florida and although it isnt my style i appreciated it because i could feel how “into it” you were. everything you do seems like you absolutley love it. is there anything you would rather be doing or want to do in the future?

hey mike
your a professional skater, lead singer of a band, you got your own show, and alot of other stuff
but do you ever feel like any thing is missing?

Oi Sean Malto get a life mike Vs a beta skater than you anyday so i would shut your trap before mike V does

when you come back from tour wen fans want your autograph want a handshake and just want a pieace of you my question is how do to get used to going home and your family just want you to be there father/husband? or are you just glad to be home and with your family

how did you survive in the 90s when skateboarding went downhill and is that when you did the graveyard run, did you want to do that or was it your sponser making you run through the graveyard?

thank mike v come to adelailde one day bye

you’ve been around for a hell of a long time tv shows, magizines all sorts how mnay years are you gona be skating for and what do you think of big vert skaters like tony hawk bucky lask and danny way?

do you think element will be your last sponser and do you prefer element to recent sponsers/teams you’ve been with like black lable and powell?

thanks mike