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…here’s your chance boys and girls… Ask the Tempster anything you want!! Just be sure to do it before February 15th. Ed’s favorite question will win you some from free stuff from RVCA!


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Hey Ed who’s your favorite guy to skate with on toy machine, and when is your next pro model shoe from emerica coming out.Keep Shredding

How did you decide it was time to start your own skateboarding company? How has your art evolved since the creation of Toy Machine.

hey ed, you are one good artist, i too am an artist and am wondering what inspires you to draw all of the toy machine characters as well as all of your other art pieces?

hey ed, i really appreciate you coming to costa mesa and giving away all that product, but besides that i wanted to ask you when you are coming into harwards class!

Ed, what made you start Toy Machine?

P.S I was at the last Halloween demo, my friend was turtle boy in the costume contest.

When all is said and done and you die, if you can only be remembered for one thing, a skateboarder or an artist, which would you choose, and why?

Why did Geoff Rowley quit being Vegan and become a lunatic Mountain Lion hunter? Where you bummed? Did it strain your friendship?

I know you’ve done a lot of nude portraits of people, how many penises have you seen and who holds your favorite ***** of all time?

If I was to send in artwork for a deck to Toy Machine can I get approved for purchased for ya to use on a deck or a pro model deck?

How do your pronounce RVCA?? & how do you come up with your drawing style & inspiration for Toy Machine decks?? aaaaaaaaaaaand do you listen to Lil Wayne or Lady GaGa??

do you ever tried to have anal sex with Deana?, it seems you have a nice sexual life together, im just courios, i wan tto experiment that but i dont know when im gonna find a girl that likes it .

How did you manage to skate and be a part of one of the most influential art movements in the 1990’s? Did being a part of that take time away or interfere with what you had going on in skateboarding?

Do you think Toy Machine and the other companies you represent, such as RVCA, express what you believe to be a positive influence culturally or even morally?

what is worse, being extremely bored and lonely by yourself or being extremely annoyed with work to do around a million people? oh yeah and you are hands down one of the funniest guys ever, im not sure why but your just wicked funny.

how would you describe the spirit of creation that has followed you through your entire life?

how do you think it has changed your headset?

What’s the story behind the name beautiful losers? Are you paying homage to Leonard Cohen or is that just a coincidence?

P.S. who’s the biggest dirtbag on toy?

When you’re feeling exhausted from the tumult of this earth, what can you always return to for comfort and/or creative inspiration? Is there a source?

I’ve found that your explanation of the simple insinuated restriction that it placed upon being spontaneously creative as an adult is very insightful. Thank you for being an inspiration to develop and create what makes yourself happy.


by this point in your life you’ve become known as one of the key-stone figures in the skateboarding world and you’ve made a good name for yourself in the art world. Reflecting back on your life, do you feel that you’ve worked hard to earn these things or were you simply lucky to have gotten the opportunities that you’ve had (right place at the right time)?


Another Loyal Pawn…

Who(can be more than one person) and what( as in skate magazines, videos,product ads and other stuff) inspired you to start skateboarding and inspires you to keep on skating?

from a financially profitable stand point, what would you rather take a photograph (film, or course) of: self-pic in mirror of Deanna going down on you, or one of Kevin Long’s girlfriend trimming his pubic hair whilst wearing a cape?

i used to live in a city named templeton in pismo beach and i had this ed templeton shirt i got at the good and evil premier the town kinda sucked question is what animal would you be if you were an animal

hey ed i been wanting to be a graphic designer but i find it hard to get any ideas for my shirts. what inspires you, where do you get your ideas?

hey! im an artist about to graduate and go to art school for illustrations, videography, and clothing design. the thing is, i really just want to work in skateboarding, my question is: do you think it will be difficult for me to find a job after i graduate at a neat clothing company like rvca or a board company as an illustrator?

I was just watching the beautiful losers dvd and I really never knew you were the artist behind all the toymachine monsters or that you were like the main dude…but…I always liked toymachine boards even when i was super young because of the art and I always thought they looked like the sorts of guys you start drawing when you are young and you just keep drawing them and adding on and I just wondered if that was how it is with you…

hi Ed, If I sent you something to the PO Box in your Golden Age of Neglect book would it reach you? that book is a little old now and I would imagine you’ve changed in some way or another. i don’t want to send something to get lost in transit as I spent time making it.

Also to poster chad turner: another name for grundle is chad. just thought I’d let you know