Ashbury Kaleidoscope Goggle in Stock Now


You can now find Ashbury at Active. The highly anticipated Kaleidoscope Goggle can be found at your nearest Active store or online in all five colors; black, white, rust red, tortoise shell, and stars. Yes, tortoise shell. Snowboarding has been sleeping on this staple of a sunglass colorway and now Ashbury brings it to you for their first season. The black, white, and rust red goggles come in a matte soft touch which just feels nice in your hand. All the colors come with a red flock lining on the foam and feels nice and velvety on your face. Go to your local Active and check it out, you will seriously love it.

Along with the goggles Active now has Ashbury’s fall softgood line. Nice looking, soft, slim fit tees and hoodies. These shirts and sweat shirts will end up in your laundry regularly. Guaranteed to be your favorites. Buy them, wear them, sell them on eBay, whatever. You’ll be cooler for it.

Check out for more info on the brand.